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A solid Customer Relationship Manager system is vital to the success of any brokerage, especially when one considers the large amount of (extremely) valuable data that is involved in online trading.

While Xcryptex's CRM has secured it's place as a leading software, capable of managing all data and operations used by brokers, it is still important to understand why this system is necessary and how it can make all the difference between failure and success.

1. More effective administrative management.

With a software that can collect, process, and analyze all of the data, top and middle management gets better and more comprehensive reports from a number of different platforms simultaneously; a fact that saves them valuable time which can then be dedicated to developing the brokerage and increasing (rather than reviewing) sales.

In addition, the system's ability to simultaneously monitor different KPIs and alert the user if any parameter is exceeded help both administrators and managers remain informed and in control at all times.

2. More Affordable Integration Options.

Integration with a wide list of on-line payment providers and new affiliates is an ever ending process for every broker. With such a diversity in data, and with the high level of data inter-connectedness between the affiliates, broker, and clients (especially the revenue generatedfrom every lead as it compares to how much it cost the broker), it is both more convenient and efficient to have one CRM for both clients and affiliates. 

In addition, the integration of different data from different sources into one CRM system reduces the risk of integration failure between the various data sources, and reduces the risk of human error when working with a long list of affiliates.

3. Lower Operational Costs.

There are two aspects which help this system reduce costs for brokers who use it. The first is the most obvious: consolidating various platforms into one platform now means that a broker no longer has to pay several providers for use of their software, thus reducing monthly overhead expenses.

The second aspect is that which relates to client revenue and it's correlation with the cost per lead. By integrating client and affiliate data into one CRM system, it is easier for a broker to assess which affiliate is bringing quality traffic to their platform and act accordingly. At the end of the day, more transparent data presentation and lay-out in a CRM system leads to better results and helps reduce both current and future operational costs.

4. Improved Customer Service.

The improved integration that results from the use of one CRM system has a positive impact on customer service since it reduces delays in the flow of information to management, allowing for quicker response times and streamlined transfer of data to clients - essential components of success in the trading industry.

5. Improved mobile compatibility.

The ability to manage the performance of all internal brokerage activities from mobile devices allows management to spend less time in the office while still allowing it to provide an adequate response to any situation in real time. This clears their schedule and allows them to spend more time tending to existing deficiencies within the brokerage as well as searching for new opportunities externally.

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Friday, 31 Aug, 2018 / 1:04

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