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First Forex Broker FXBTG support bitcoin deposit

With Bitcoin dramatic ups and downs, created numerous wealth flourishes myths, more and more attracted people's attention. The world's leading foreign exchange broker FXBTG recently announced that they accept bitcoin deposit when everyone still wonders about its safety, which make the FXBTG become the first support bitcoin deposit foreign currency exchange broker.

As an alternative currency, Bitcoin has been uesd for many goods payment. International Mt.Gox and BitStamp are already mature Bitcoin trading platform, with BTCChina Bitcoin as the world's three major Bitcoin exchange platform. China's Baidu acceleration music, Nutshell electronic network, Lynx have announced support for bitcoin payment on electricity supplier market which has attracted a lot of attention of consumers. But in the global foreign exchange industry, FXBTG is the first Broker to support bitcoin deposit. "As China has become the largest state of trading bitcoin, including China Baidu, a public Internet companies to accept bitcoin payments, bitcoin will be more accepted over the world.

FXBTG Financial Group engages in connect the world's foreign currency and CFDs exchange, customers distributed in more than 60 countries around the world, conducting exchange costs a lot. As bitcoin currency in circulation worldwide, trading will become more convenient. "FXBTG the relevant responsible spokersman said. It is reasonable that FXBTG Financial Group test the water in bitcoin payment.

In addition to providing foreign exchange trading outside, FXBTG also provides, including gold, silver, crude oil, contracts for difference (CFD) and stock index trading, directly facing the global market, a huge foreign exchange flow makes the platform extremely favors Bitcoin. Bitcoin experts have pointed out that with the number of customers gradually growing, general attacks can not shake the Bitcoin market position.

While FXBTG Financial Group's wholly-owned subsidiary FXBTG FINANCIAL LIMITED was established in New Zealand and get a local business license, Financial Market Authority (FMA) regulates on FXBTG business which protects the security of the funds. With Bitcoin appearing in many countries legal documents, the legal status of Bitcoin attracted widespread attention.

While foreign currency traders test the water on the Bitcoin deposit, FXBTG could expand its influence. Bitcoin is an open source peer-to-peer electronic money and payment network introduced in 2008 by pseudonymous developer "Satoshi Nakamoto". Bitcoin has been called a cryptocurrency because it uses cryptography to secure transactions. Digitally signed payment messages are broadcast to and verified by a decentralized network. Specialized computers use a proof-of-work system to prevent double-spending, a problem for digital currencies.

Friday, 29 Nov, 2013 / 8:01

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