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Discover the New Hello Markets Re-Evolution

9 new trading tools, new interface and a new way of profit  

The Christmas present from Hello Markets came a bit late this year, but boy is it worth it. The White Label Solutions giant has just launched the Re-Evolution of its trading platform, and this beauty really is a sight for sore eyes.

This Re-Evolution is exciting on so many levels, namely because of the introduction of a large array of breathtaking tools created with the latest trends in technology. Hello Markets has once again proved that it's a few leaps ahead of its competitors, and here's why...

Why Re-Evolution?

The recent upgrade on Hello Market's intuitive solutions is nothing out of the ordinary for this groundbreaking market leader.

Hello Markets heavily invests in technology and expertise to ensure that the tools featured on its trading platform are the best that money can buy, and the company's highly experienced design team is charged with making sure that the platform is extremely user-friendly and appeals to even the most novice of traders.

In other words, Hello Markets is only satisfied with the best – which explains why this White Label Solutions giant has maintained its place at the forefront of the industry. Any trader who uses this platform will be able to tell you that they have received the best trading experience of their lives – surely not a coincidence...

9 new trading tools

The addition of 9 new exciting trading tools once again shows that Hello Markets knows what any binary options brokerage firm needs in order to satisfy their traders.

  • - Binary Options: Trader's pick: will the asset Rise or Fall? With over 300 assets to choose from, traders simply need to choose the direction of the underlying asset and place their trade.
  • - Forex: Speculate on the exchange rates of currencies at an agreed exchange rate on the OTC, the world's most traded market – 24 hours a day & five days a week.
  • - Meta Derivatives: Exclusive to Hello Markets, this latest product allows traders to perform simultaneous trades and compound profits for a truly thrilling trading experience. Trade the ultimate trading session.
  • - One Touch: It just takes one hit – traders simply need to choose their specific target price and price direction for each asset.
  • - Option Builder: The master of your own trade. Customise your trades as you want them – low risks & high rewards are the name of the game!
  • - Turbo: This brings profitability and excitement back to trading. Experience the ultimate trading session – narrow time frames to a few minutes or seconds for swift trading!
  • - Social Trading: Build a sense of community amongst your traders. Traders can follow and copy other users' trades in real time – follow that crowd-sourcing trend!
  • - Trading Signals: Traders are able to follow all chart activities in one view. Signals straight to the user's doorstep – set the studies and get the results!
  • - Trading Robots: Automated trades according to your preferences – choose your asset, study, enter your amount, and let the system do the rest!

New interface

The new Hello Markets slick interface sure is a joy to trade on. The attractive design set on the backdrop of one of the industry's most advanced binary options trading platforms is sure to offer an unrivalled trading experience to even the most experienced traders.

When compared to its competitors' products, the Hello Markets trading interface is guaranteed to become every traders' new favourite platform.

To any broker introducing this interface to its traders, the response is sure to be nothing less than sheer enthusiasm. The user-friendliness of the platform and the range of possibilities undoubtedly makes it the best interfaces in the industry.

A new way of profit

In summary, it is safe to say that the Re-Evolution of Hello Markets has set a new standard in the white label financial solutions field. Traders are able to take their trading to a new level, and profits can be achieved in whole new ways, as mentioned above.

The future of trading is just a click away.

Monday, 02 Feb, 2015 / 6:44

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