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COMMEXFX welcomes you to SMART CARD with the CommexFX Card!

The CommexFX Card is a globally accepted prepaid MasterCard that can be used worldwide for cash withdrawals at any ATM machine displaying the MasterCard logo.

CommexFX understands the needs of the trader and therefore offers this exclusive service to its traders to withdraw funds at any time from your their CommexFX trading account directly to their CommexFX Card at any time with speed and efficiency.

Clients can also use the card for online purchases and retail wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed.

The CommexFX card is available in 2 currencies, USD and EUR.

The CommexFX Card services also includes a 24/7 online account access and support, and offers free online account statements and a free SMS service for transaction notifications.

You can apply for a CommexFX Card via our Members Area on our website.

Tuesday, 30 Sep, 2014 / 12:54

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