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CommexFX launches a new and more rewarding ‘Refer a Friend’ program

CommexFX is happy to announce the launch of our new ‘Refer a Friend’ program. As always at CommexFX we work on enhancing our traders’ experience which is why we have created a lucrative and profitable ‘Refer a Friend’ program offering high bonuses to all who join.

CommexFX clients can now refer a friend or fellow trader to CommexFX and receive bonuses off of the new client’s trading. Each costumer can refer as many friends as he/she wishes.

Once the specified conditions are met, bonuses between 80 USD and 1000 USD will be credited into the client’s trading account. Through this program our clients can make extra trading money without any additional work or risk.

For more information about the program’s terms and conditions and how to receive bonuses please visit our website or contact CommexFX customer support.

Tuesday, 14 Oct, 2014 / 6:46

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