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Charter Group Expands Its Wings into Aviation

Charter Group, the parent company of Charterprime and CharterMarkets has recently expanded its wings into the aviation industry with CharterAero. The move adds to the growth and diversity of the now 200 staff strong multinational group, extending their presence to a 5th industry in as many years.

Offering a premium alternative to commercial air travel, CharterAero provides clients with the best way to travel in style, speed, and comfort, to any desired destination – via helicopter.




One of CharterAero’s Airbus Helicopters


The new venture is more than just an A-to-B transport company however, with a service range including corporate flights, aerial photography, aerial videography, city tours, LIDAR and FLIR inspections, project inspection, moving aerial surveys, leisure flights, and even film production.

Charter Group currently operates out of 8 offices worldwide and is maintaining consistent growth, expanding their scope from Charterprime’s derivatives brokerage and CharterMarket’s equities offerings to esports, technology, aviation and more.


Mathew Tate (left) & Simon Stephen (right), the Managing Partners of Charter Group


Simon Stephen, Managing Partner of Charter Group added, “A fleet of helicopters is definitely a step in an exciting direction for us. The breadth of our network and team always helps create massive value in whatever industry we venture into. To the point, some of our choppers were actually used in the production of the 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians.”

About Charterprime

Since our establishment in 2012, Charterprime has worked to provide a trading platform and liquidity offering to meet the needs of traders and brokers alike. We are committed to maintaining good connections with a number of top liquidity and technology providers. The sophistication of our technical infrastructure and strength of our long-term liquidity partners allows us to offer both institutional and retail clients the lowest and most competitive spreads, with impressive depth in all instruments.



Charterprime’s Institutional Team (from left to right): Tim Blanchard, Mathew Tate, Simon Stephen, Bobby Winters and Reuben Van Dijk

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Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2019 / 2:41

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