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Cash Rebates on all Oil Trades with ICM Capital

ICM Capital is delighted to announce that on opening a Live Account traders will now be entitled to Cash Back rewards on all Oil trades closed before 30th January 2015.*

Crude Oil prices have fallen dramatically over the past few months with prices having dropped by half since June to below 55 USD a barrel; for the first time in over five years. Crude Oil may continue to drop as investors are highly concerned about the slowdown in global economic growth and that OPEC is unlikely to reduce supply.

Whilst the answer to the question in which direction Crude Oil will be heading in the short to medium term remains uncertain, the recent surge in Crude Oil volatility does present investors with excellent trading opportunities.

Want to start trading Oil?

If you are keen to start taking advantage of these trading opportunities, then you could start trading today.

ICM Capital offer a 3 cent fixed spread on WTI and Brent Crude Oil contracts which is ideal to take advantage of the price action the energy market is currently presenting. Traders will now also be entitled to Cash Back rewards on all Oil trades closed before 30th January 2015.

Seven Advantages of Trading Oil with ICM Capital

• Cash Rebate on every Crude Oil trade*
• 3 pip fixed spread, even during volatile market conditions
• 1,000 USD fixed margin requirement
• Profits can be withdrawn immediately
• Instant execution
• ZERO fees on credit card payments
• Profit potential in both an up & down market

What do you have to do?

1 Apply for a Live Account
2 Log in to ICM Access, your personal account management system
3 Make a deposit
4 Start trading

Sunday, 04 Jan, 2015 / 10:16

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