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BlackPearlFX contest"Spot the Black Pearl"

BlackPearlFX is delighted to announce the Open Registration for the contest "Spot the Black Pearl"
You have time to register until Saturday 13:00 GMT Time.

Contestants must have registered by 1pm (GMT Time) on the 21stof January 2017.
The contest consists of spotting the exact minute in which the FIRSTBlackPearlFX banner will appear on the electronic advertising boards around the football pitch during the English Premier League game of Stoke City FC vs Manchester United.
The game can be watched live on SKY SPORT on Saturday afternoon 21st of January 2017. Kick off 15:00 GMT time.
All contestants will have to register using a working phone number and email address on our Contest page. All contestants will be contacted in order to verify contact details.

Prizes are:
- 1st classified: iWatch2 42mm Case;
- 2nd classified: iPad mini 4;
- 3rd classified: Bose Soundlink Mini.

The ranking will be decided taking into consideration the registration date and time. In case three different people guess the right time the first price will go to the person that registered earlier and so on.
There is maximum one prize and one guess allowed per user.


Friday, 20 Jan, 2017 / 11:42

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