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MFX Broker impressive service line will shortly add another product which will change the whole Forex-industry. Proprietary Trading from MFX Broker is a new international project in the frame of which the company is ready to give traders $100,000 under management!To participate trader needs to make a start deposit of $30! So the funds under management can increase his personal capital by 3500 times. Considering the fact that in this case the company gives trader 90% of the profit, this project can become groundbreaking in the lives of its participants.

Igor Volkov,
president of MFX Broker:
“Frankly speaking we want to create a team of professionals of the highest level to work in close rapport with them further. We believe this cooperation is fruitful and mutually beneficial. Of course, we are not altruists and we are not going to give away hundreds thousands of dollars to everyone. 

To select the top the best of the best we worked out a special program “10 steps to success”. The challenger should success all 10 rounds. But the principal point is that on all stages he risks only company funds. His personal risk is evaluated by $30 which he deposits in the beginning. But after completion of all the steps his profit may be dozens, hundreds, or even millions of dollars”.

Proprietary Trading program worked out by MFX Broker has a series of principal differences from its analogues, and that is why the program is unique.

  • There is no need to pass any special courses for traders to become MFX prop-trader; so there is no tuition charge
  • MFX contest selection is absolutely free, and trader pays nothing for it.
    Instead of contest selection trader can just provide statement of trading on real account not necessarily opened with MFX Broker. In case his results correlate with requirements he becomes the member of the team
  • Relations between MFX and prop-trader are based on the principle of 10 steps. Trader works with company funds on all steps excluding the first one. No deposits are required - $100,000 is provided by the company
  • MFX has a floating scale of profit distribution. Trader’s remuneration can reach 90% of the gained profit
  • MFX Broker provides prop-traders with constant risk-management support and automatic risk control on the basis of unique software developed by IT-specialists of the company
  • Trader has all the chances to be not just the member of the league of professionals, but also become one of top-managers of the company, header of personal team of prop-traders with its cumulative capital under management

Proprietary Trading program from MFX Broker is your chance to shift gears in trading! Do not miss this chance!

Wednesday, 19 Aug, 2015 / 11:26

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