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Bank of Japan to encourage spending

Bank of Japan's Yukitoshi Funo stated that the central bank will be implementing policies, using its existing tools, for encouraging the companies and the households to increase spending.

Bank of Japan's Funo talks about the job market

Funo highlighted further that a tightening job market could, throughout time, push the firms to boost consumption and raise wages.

Furthermore, the Japanese nation is still facing external risks, such as uncertainty and soft market growth, while being under pressure due to the interest rates' status in the U.S.

The BOJ will boost its efforts to keep the cost of borrowing low, as well as support the companies that are expanding in the growing Asian markets.

Moreover, the Bank of Japan will employ all the necessary measures to achieve the 2% target, thus focusing on quantity, quality, and interest rates.

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Wednesday, 31 Aug, 2016 / 8:09

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Trading news


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