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B2Broker: CRM system for Forex Broker is not a luxury, it is the vital necessity

Humans have been striving to make their life easier since they climbed down from trees and took a stick. Ultimately, all the human progress comes from our persistent endeavors to do as little as possible and get the best possible results.

Nowadays even a freelancer cannot make do only with a day planner, let alone a brokerage, where lean system of customer management is the only way to survive and achieve success in a highly competitive environment. Do you still keeping your customers database in Excel? Alas, then you are doomed to share the fate of dinosaurs, that failed to adapt to ever-changing environment and died out.

What are the key requirements for the broker's CRM system?

1 Instantaneous and centralized access to clients’ data. Internet and telephone calls are the main sales channels of online brokerage. Thus, to have an effective and fruitful communication, managers need to have the detailed client information at their fingertips.
2 Impeccable digital data protection system. Progress comes at a price. Hacked or compromised data bases, stolen money, lost clients… this is just a partial list of cyber threats to be considered when you trust a cloud system with your most valuable asset, with the database of hard-won loyal clients
3 Integration with existing systems and scalability. The business processes of a brokerage will work smoothly only if the CRM system can be easily integrated into existing business modules and grow together with the company.

There are three ways to introduce a CRM system in a brokerage company. To avoid disappointments, you need to make your choice wisely.

1 Out-of-the-box. The simplest way to get the CRM system is to buy a box solution. But what’s the likelihood that it will suit you? The same as when you buy shoes without trying them on.
2 DIY. Excellent choice if you have lots of time and money, know all the niceties of a CRM system for brokerage and can take into account all the details. Otherwise it is too expensive, too time-consuming and too ineffective.
3 Customized. Finally, you can have an industry solution customized in line with your needs. This is the most cost efficient way to get a product that will custom fit the unique needs of your business and to automate your business routine within a short space of time. In this case, you just need to choose a right CRM provider.

B2Broker offers one of the best industry CRM solutions for brokerages based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Within three months, you will be able to automate all your vital business processes, starting from landing clients out to repeat sales, and to enhance your business performance up to 30%.

Watch our video to find out more about our innovative CRM solution for brokers.

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Thursday, 15 Sep, 2016 / 7:42

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