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Aussie 200 Index Gainers & Losers plus Market Snapshot 18 March 2015

After mixed leads from the international bourses, the Aussie 200 Index was unable to find any positives to begin the trading day, falling nearly 50 points before the Health Care and Telco stocks helped push our market back up towards the open, closing the session flat and still stuck in the narrow range. Crude Oil continued to bounce around six year lows, Gold traded relatively flat with a bias to the downside and the Aussie Dollar is holding its breath for the conclusion to the FOMC meeting in the States, with Janet Yellen’s statement due at 5am Sydney time on Thursday morning.​

How did the Aussie market perform today?

S&P/ASX200 gained 0.2 points or +0.00% on volume of $4.89 billion, closing ­­at 5842.3.

Australian sector watch


Looking over the charts

  • ​​The Aussie 200 index was one way sailing up to 1pm today, falling around 50 points before the lows got bought up and continued to rally until the end of the session, closing flat for the day.
  • What is interesting to note today is the opposite of yesterday. Yesterday we saw the strong stocks breaking into new highs getting sold down and today we note the index was being bought off the lows, which is generally a more bullish sign.
  • Unfortunately though, our market isn’t in a bullish mode but instead is stuck in a narrow range and will no doubt jump out (either up or down) following Janet Yellen’s statement early Thursday morning Sydney time. Medium and long term momentum is favouring the bulls but short term momentum is siding with the bears.
  • Support is currently at 5840 and below that at 5815 and 5800 with resistance sitting at 5855-5867 and above that at 5885.


Chart Courtesy of Invast MT4

ASX top 200 stock analysis

30% of stocks are showing oversold levels, 13% are showing overbought levels and 58% of stocks are currently above their long term moving average as of close of trading today. View the image below to better understand overbought and oversold levels.


S&P/ASX 200 Gainers and Losers

Top 5 gainers:

  • SRX        SIRTEX MEDICAL +19.51%
  • PDN       PALADIN ENERGY +4.17%
  • ANN      ANSELL +3.28%

Top 5 Losers:

  • CDD       CARDNO -9.27%
  • BDR        BEADELL RESOURCES -7.69%
  • HZN       HORIZON OIL -7.41%
  • LYC         LYNAS CORPORATION -6.52%
  • TEN        TEN NETWORK HOLDINGS -6.38%

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Wednesday, 18 Mar, 2015 / 8:00

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