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ASX Top Gainers & Losers plus Market Snapshot – 31 July 2014

Despite US GDP figures coming in better than expected at 4 per cent and the FOMC meeting having a slightly hawkish tone, the US markets were mixed, providing little obvious direction for our Aussie 200 index, yet it managed to stay in the black after hitting fresh six year highs yet again. Brent Crude Oil fell on excess inventory concerns out of Europe and globally with Gold steadying.

How did the Aussie market perform today?

S&P/ASX200 gained 10 points or +0.18% on volume of $3.6 billion, closing ­­at 5632.9.

Australian sector watch


Looking over the charts

  • Another positive session for the Aussie 200 index as our market continues to hit fresh intraday 6 year highs, providing plenty of energy for the bulls to keep their search for potentially outperforming stocks on a daily basis.
  • With US markets having a mixed session and various commodities struggling, it wasn’t going to be easy to hit new highs, but we did before falling back after lunch to bear breakeven for the day.
  • A shooting star candlestick formation at the top of the market is giving an ominous sign of distributive selling, which isn’t uncommon at these tentative high points, despite the blue sky potential our market has.
  • Support is currently sitting back down at 5600 and then at 5565 and these levels continue to firm up. Resistance is sitting temporarily at 5645, which we mentioned yesterday and coincidently enough, the market hit that exact high point today.


ASX top 200 stock analysis

12% of stocks are showing oversold levels, 45% are showing overbought levels and 70% of stocks are currently above their long term moving average as of close of trading today. View the image below to better understand overbought and oversold levels.


S&P/ASX 200 Gainers and Losers

Top 5 gainers:

  • GWA     GWA GROUP +5.36%
  • TME       TRADE ME GROUP +4.25%
  • SWM     SEVEN WEST MEDIA +3.80%
  • KAR        KAROON GAS AUSTRALIA +3.71%
  • BSL         BLUESCOPE STEEL +3.46%

Top 5 Losers:

  • LYC         LYNAS CORPORATION -17.07%
  • BDR        BEADELL RESOURCES -5.45%
  • PDN       PALADIN ENERGY -3.85%
  • NWH     NRW HOLDINGS -2.70%

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Thursday, 31 Jul, 2014 / 8:38

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