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ASX Top Gainers & Losers plus Market Snapshot – 22 September 2014

Plenty of activity to close the week on Friday with the Alibaba float generating an amazing amount of interest and price appreciation, jumping from $68 to nearly $100 before settling at $93, up 38% from its IPO float price. Alibaba is now the 4th largest tech stock by market cap ($228 billion) with only Microsoft, Google and Apple above them. In addition to the excitement around Alibaba, we had the Scottish vote for independence, which 55% of countrymen voted No for and commodities, like Gold and Silver, took a big nose dive with inflation coming in at 1.7% in the United States.

As a result of the commodity sell-off, the Aussie 200 index was unable to gain any positive traction, falling an incredible 69.1 points and breaking some key levels of support along the way.

How did the Aussie market perform today?

S&P/ASX200 lost 70.1 points or -1.31% on volume of $3.7 billion, closing ­­at 5363.

Australian sector watch


Looking over the charts

  • The Aussie 200 index sailed in the one direction today and for want of a better example, it was straight into a gale-force wind, with our sails getting broken and the captain somewhat disillusioned.
  • Our market broke several levels of support, as noted in the chart below, especially around last week’s low at 5370 and has been unable to claw its way back.
  • With the recent market action, volatility on the Aussie 200 has almost doubled, going from 35 point average daily range to around 60 today, which will be welcomed from the short term traders, trading both long and short.
  • Support has shifted considerably in the last 24 hours with near support sitting at 5340 and then below that at 5310 with resistance above at 5390 and then 5400 and above that at 5420.


Chart Courtesy of Invast MT4

ASX top 200 stock analysis

49% of stocks are showing oversold levels, 6% are showing overbought levels and 33% of stocks are currently above their long term moving average as of close of trading today. View the image below to better understand overbought and oversold levels.


S&P/ASX 200 Gainers and Losers

Top 5 gainers:

  • ARI         ARRIUM +4.00%
  • FXJ         FAIRFAX MEDIA +3.23%
  • FBU        FLETCHER BUILDING +3.01%
  • TRS         THE REJECT SHOP +2.83%

Top 5 Losers:

  • ALQ        ALS -17.22%
  • RSG        RESOLUTE MINING -9.38%
  • MML     MEDUSA MINING -8.42%
  • BDR        BEADELL RESOURCES -8.42%
  • PDN       PALADIN ENERGY -8.33%

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Monday, 22 Sep, 2014 / 11:27

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