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4 Things Merchants Can Expect From Instabill in 2015

The new year is here and the good folks at Instabill have been preparing for it for months. As the year winds down, there are exciting developments Instabill merchants and partners can expect in 2015: payment gateway upgrades, lower interchange rates in Europe, expected growth in staff and, as always, first rate customer support.

1. Upgrades to Our Payment Gateway
Instabill technical experts are implementing the first phase of upgrades to its payment gateway, which will be converted from classic ASP and the Internet Information Services (IIS) webserver to Java and the Tomcat webserver. The conversion will have several benefits:

Easier integration with the Instabill payment gateway through Java.

Allowing for easier and faster integration with multiple bank gateway APIs.

Improved overall performance of the payment gateway.

“ASP is an older language, and it was time to upgrade to a more modern language,” said John Kaeuper, Instabill’s Lead Web Application Developer. “We want to make the gateway entirely Java-based by the end of 2015.”

2. Lower European Interchange Rates
By the middle of 2015, lower interchange rates will take effect in Europe, meaning Visa and MasterCard will reduce and cap their credit card fees to 0.3 percent per transaction in the European Union. This was welcome news for European merchants, who are currently paying rates as high as 1.8 percent per transaction. Because Instabill helps register companies in Europe, the reduction in the European interchange rate enables us to offer extremely competitive rates for merchant accounts for e-commerce and POS businesses all across Europe.

3. Among the Goals for 2015: Growth
As e-commerce continues to surge, Instabill merchant account managers continue to do well to follow leads and close sales. It has led to another prosperous year for the merchant services provider. To handle the demand, Instabill is looking to expand its sales staff – perhaps even double it – in 2015.

4. Continued One-on-One Customer Support for Instabill Merchants
Our phones ring constantly between the business hours of 8 a.m. through 6 p.m. – and we don’t mind. We value our merchant partners and resellers and we encourage them to contact us for any issues. Every new year brings about changes, but live, one-on-one merchant support for Instabill merchants will not be one of them. Reach us by selecting the live chat option below or by calling 1-800-318-2713.

Thursday, 08 Jan, 2015 / 8:24

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