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13th MENA FOREX Show “The Best White Label Solution Provider”

We have a very exciting news to share with all of you! 

It’s an honour to have won the prestigious award for the category of “The Best White Label Solution Provider” at the "13th MENA FOREX Show, Managed Funds & Investment Opportunities" held in Dubai on 9th - 10th June 2014. The EXPO is a meeting point for the industry professionals and is one of the region’s premier financial gatherings, where more than 1,000 investors participate. It serves as a platform for Brokers from all over the Middle East Region, and over 50 exhibitors from all over the world. We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our clients! It’s a pleasure to work with amazing people like you! We will continue to provide the best service for all our clients!

Abraham George (GreenVault FX): We provide best-in-class services on financial grounds, extended service and delivery in Forex markets

Abraham George, Vice President- Corporate Sales- GreenVault FX,attended Mena 13th Forex Show. In a Q & A on the sidelines of the event, George gave us an idea about their company and their main products. He also talked to our correspondent how the problem between US & Russia is affecting the financial market. George said that they always try to make the FX industry more people oriented so people can trust a broker.

* Can You give us an idea about your company?

- GreenVault FX is an international brokerage house in online Forex trading, providing top quality financial and investment services all over the world. It is based in New Zealand and provides exemplified service, be it retail or institutional clients in the online Forex trading. We strive to offer a perfect gateway to the global decentralized market to trade foreign currencies. We have revolutionized Forex trading using tailor made technical and market analysis. We work on the entire element like technology, education, support, information that would help our clients make better informed trading.

* What makes you special from other similar companies?

- We provide best-in-class services on financial grounds, extended service and delivery in Forex markets. We are registered with New Zealand FSP and FSCL for incorporating safety measures for client’s funds. We also offer tightest spreads, competitive leverage, best platforms, accounts for traders with varied trading skill levels, complete analytical tools, in other words, becoming a comfortable ground for online Forex trading.

* How is the problem between US & Russia affecting the financial market?

- It has its advantages and disadvantages on the entire world financial market especially that they are the two biggest players. Therefore, our work is sometimes affected positively and sometimes negatively.

* What are your main products?

- We have currencies, precious metals, indices, etc...

* How do you make an Arabic trader confident with what you offer?

- It is how reliable we are dealing with their cash, giving them the best service, strong platforms and good customer service, We always try to make this industry more people oriented so people can trust a broker and make our working processes as fast as possible with the most powerful platform.

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