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Trading Point Announces Acquisition of High Worth Two-Letter Domain

Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd, European online financial services provider, recently announced the successful purchase of the high-worth domain name XM.COM for an undisclosed amount. The rare domain name belongs to the most valuable and highest-ranking 676 two-letter domains in the world today, and its acquisition can be regarded as an innovative initiative of Trading Point to strengthen the global brand value of their financial services.

It is known for a fact that he demand for two-letter domains is huge, mainly because they can only be purchased from their previous owners. Currently, there are only 676 such domains in the world, and their rarity, as well as, uniqueness, adds much to their market value. Large companies like Deutsche Bank, Hennes & Mauritz, Facebook, Financial Times, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch are known as the forerunners of two-letter domain owners.

As of now, Trading Point, is listed among the biggest global market players who own a two-letter domain name. The company’s top management consists of Internet savvy professionals with a proven track of innovative ideas that keep Trading Point ahead of their competitors. The recently acquired domain for one of the companies leading brands, XEMarkets, is seen by many as the decision of finance experts at the leading edge of innovation. As an online provider for trading and investment on forex and futures, Trading Point has served clients from over 170 countries across five continents since 2009.

The prestige they achieved in the industry is attributed to the fact that they are always a few steps ahead their competitors. The newly purchased domain is dynamically increasing Trading Point’s global brand recognition. Moreover, it addresses a culturally diverse global clientele with sustainable high quality investment services by virtue of a rare, memorable, and most of all unique two-letter domain name that will, in all probability, become a household name among online investors in every corner of the world.

Tuesday, 25 Jun, 2013 / 7:58

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