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“There is a tremendous shortage of physical gold in the world”

This week started with a big rally in the price of gold even though the news that Swiss voters rejected the proposal to buy more physical Gold should have sent the price lower. The upsurge in the price of Gold from 1141 to 1221 (a move of 7%) has been credited by analysts with the price of Crude Oil surging higher at the same time. With the price of Crude Oil being an important component in inflation measurements an up move in the price of oil would therefore create a need to hedge against inflation, which is what Gold is widely thought to be.

However, the fact that this move in the price of Gold took place after it was confirmed that the 7% annual demand increase for physical Gold by the Swiss central bank is not going to happen is an important indication that the market participants are now willing to step in and buy Gold futures (paper gold).

This brings the paper market in Gold more in line with reports that there is actually a global shortage of Gold. According to McAlvany Financial Group, a firm specializing in physical precious metals markets, gold buyers in Far East are currently paying premium prices for physical Gold. This means that buyers are not only willing to pay the market price for their physical Gold but actually add some on top. At the same time central banks, such as China are buying physical gold and others are repatriating their gold reserves that have been stored abroad. Global Research, a research center for globalization; published an article this week saying that “Netherlands has moved 122 tons of gold worth $5 billion from New York, and similar demands are now being made in France. Last year, Germany asked to have 680 tons of gold repatriated, which is mostly kept in the United States, but some also in the United Kingdom and France. Berlin receives only 5 tons, with the promise to get the rest back by 2020.”

According to Global Research ““And even those 5 tons Germany got back was not the same they had given to the Fed, those were newly cut bars. So it does mean that the Fed clearly did not have anywhere near the gold necessary to send back to Germany. Because it was most probably either leased to the market or sold – this is what central banks are doing – they are lending gold to the market or selling gold in order to push the price of gold down,” Egon von Greyerz said stressing that there is a tremendous shortage of physical gold in the world.” One day when the people who hold paper gold ask for delivery, there will not be any physical gold to deliver.

Gold, M

Gold, Monthly

Gold is at historical support (provided by a monthly pivot candle high from February 2010. The monthly candle for November was a narrow range candle with open and close only $4 apart. This indicates that supply and demand were in balance in November and now this balance could be tipping over to favour the demand side, at least temporarily. This price action coincided with the monthly Bollinger Bands which also limited the move lower and was then followed by a strong rally in the price of Gold higher after the news from Switzerland (the Swiss rejected the law to increase the country’s Gold reserves) caused the market to gap open slightly lower than the close on Friday. If market rallies strongly after news that on face value is negative for Gold, then we have reason to conclude that the market participants are collectively ready to defend (to buy) the recent lows of 1230 – 1240 and they see Gold representing value even if the additional boost of demand from Switzerland is not going to be there.

We still have this market trending lower in the technical sense as it still has lower highs and lower lows. However, the monthly narrow range candle at Bollinger bands suggests that we might have a turning point at hand and Gold could move higher towards the upper end of the down sloping trend channel. There is bullish divergence in RSI even though Gold has been moving lower for four months since July this year, therefore it might well be the time for a move higher after so many downward months.

Longer term Fibonacci levels are clustering at three different areas. The supporting cluster is between 1045 and 1090, while clusters between 1270 and 1306 and again at higher levels between 1383 and 1406 are likely resistance areas in the longer term picture. I have left these levels off the chart to keep it more readable.

The resistance area (1204 to 1226) above the current price action is created by monthly lows and closing prices from this and last year. This level obviously needs to be cleared before Gold can advance sustainably but the fact that we now have a narrow range candle with Bollinger Bands right below and a very positive price reaction to negative news increases possibilities of this happening. However, should the price stay below this level for a one more week it would negate the bullish indications we now have had and increases possibilities of supporting demand eroding at the 1230 to 1240 support area.

Gold, W

Gold, Weekly

Trend the weekly Gold price is lower both in short to medium term and longer term as well. The medium term weekly trend lower is defined by descending regression channel from the pivot in July this year. Currently the price is close to the lower end of long term downtrend channel and a historical monthly pivot candle as well as both monthly and weekly Bollinger Bands near the current lows. These technical factors limit the immediate downside and have in November translated into a narrow range candle (or a Doji as it is also known) with a rising RSI line (bullish divergence). On the upside the weekly pivot high at 1226 from November has acted as a resistance and sent the price to the current levels. The latest high (1221) that was just 3 dollars shy of the low of this pivot candle. The medium term down sloping regression channel top is also close which could mean that Gold needs to have more sideways fluctuation before more upside can be gained.

Gold, 4h

Gold, 240 min

Price is fluctuating above a recent 4h pivot (green arrow) and below the pivot high from Monday. The 1191 used to be a level that supported price earlier and it acts as a support again. The price being between two pivots has created a very narrow range which on a daily chart looks like a pennant (flag) formation. If this pennant is resolved to the upside it gives us a target of about 1280, a former support level from July and August this year. If Gold corrects lower, look for buy signals at or near to the 1159.50 support created by the 4h pivot.


Gold is close to an important support with several technical factors supporting the price. If the current narrow range is resolved to the downside (which looks likely to me based on the current market action), the pivot low between 1141 and 1159.50 is a potential support and should be monitored as an exit level for shorts and entry level for long trades. Look for hammers and bullish wedges in 15 and 60 min timeframes to confirm the momentum reversal. If the DXY, US dollar index moves strongly to the upside the bullishness of the above technical indications is negated and it is more likely that the price of Gold will move below the recent lows.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.

Janne Muta
Chief Market Analyst

Friday, 05 Dec, 2014 / 9:34

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