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Airsoft Rolls Out a New Upgrade with Advanced Front End Features

The new software upgrades include a whole new UI/UX design, improved mobile responsiveness and full API integration for 3rd party providers.

AirSoft is a full-service brokerage technology developer with offices in Cyprus and Hong Kong offering binary options, forex and contracts for difference (CFDs). The company has this week rolled out a front-end software update that includes new user interface features, needed due what it describes as its continued growth in client base in 2015.

The most obvious difference to previous versions that traders will see is the appearance of the graphs. AirSoft has changed the entire graph design layout, adding various technical indicators and viewpoints for the graph as well as now displaying “deadline” and “expired” so the users finds it easier to control ongoing trades.

Additional upgraded features include:

  • A new UI/UX design.
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • Greater user friendliness.
  • Drop down menu for the user’s configuration post login.
  • A full API integration for 3rd party providers to support: all tracking systems, import/export data, automated trading, auto login.

The developers say they are especially excited about the new Affiliate program API improvements. They created several API modules according to their existing brands/clients with the aim of leading affiliates to add substantial increase in lead generating traffic.

Airsoft also revealed to Finance Magnates that its next future release, planned for as early as next week, will include support for:

  • Multi Graph – to show all 4 graphs on the same screen at once.
  • Full control on the front-end pages.
  • Being able to edit the post login menu – CMS.

Shay Benhamou, CEO, Airsoft Ltd
Shay Benhamou, CEO, Airsoft Ltd

When Shay Benhamou, the AirSoft CEO, moved into the role a few months ago we sat down with him at his office to learn about his plans for the firm. The CEO commented to Finance Magnates on the news today, saying: “I am excited to launch the latest software upgrade that significantly enhanced our trading platform user experience and added several unique features that continue to show Airsoft Ltd. As a leading software provider in the industry.

As well in this software update, due to the continued growth in AIRSOFT Ltd client base has and the growing number of industry leading affiliate; we have invested in several API tools in order to adhere to our clients’ marketing needs.”


Friday, 27 Nov, 2015 / 7:23

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