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Managing director & Owner at Entrepreneur, CPM,CPL,CPC online performance strategist with cross-functional leadership experience in business and operations for complex projects from scratch including EON, ZUNO BANK, Avitech, World Business Press Online , @ladislavkazan is making things happen - A problem solver, brutal hardworking and absolutely focused on CRM. Consultant and strategic thinker. In and lead teams toward goals and objectives with a flexible approach to project management. Sector experience includes: Advertising, Banking, Social media Analytics Specialties - FX performance CPL, CPM, CPC MARKETING with defined KPI goal - Financial websites Marketing - TECH Products Marketing - Startup products Marketing· Social media measurement,community management- Social Media Strategy + Execution · Mark. Strategy, Vendor Selection, Negotiation, Operations and Execution· Customer Engagement Strategy for brands - Usability testing - Online audit for your brand - Best ROI driven Performance campaigns If you are open to new business opportunities, do not hesitate to contact me at - doing our best for customer satisfaction, everytime, everyday, every minute. We create the best marketing strategy based on digital audit. Listen to our advices based on your specific needs to be in front of your prospects – your target market I recommend to do RETARGETING as a MUST for FOREX, OPTIONS BRANDS for long and successfull evaluation of CPL, CPM campaigns!

Current company:  CHECKus
Previous company:  WBPOnline
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