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Benjamin Bilski is the founder and CEO of NAGA Group AG, a powerful financial system that unifies personal finance and investment within an intuitive ecosystem that is above social. Benjamin, a Forbes 30 under 30 member, is a serial entrepreneur and former professional swimmer/champion. 

From a very young age, Benjamin has shown his entrepreneurial and business savvy by selling thousands of MP3 players on Amazon. By the age of 21, he co-founded, the leading e-commerce shop for fishing in Germany. He then went on to found and invest in several other business ventures including Dogsy, a social network for dog owners and Swipy, a mobile first shopping app.

In 2015, Benjamin set out to disrupt the trading and fintech industries by making them more open and accessible to everyone, with NAGA. NAGA was founded on the principle that anyone and everyone should be able to manage their wealth and achieve control over their financial future. NAGA creates a seamless experience that brings everything but, most importantly, everyone together. Any trader, regardless of their expertise level, can log in on NAGA to trade, invest, acquire, earn and finally connect with the thousands of other traders in the platform.

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