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CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Works. Specialist in FinTech, RegTech, CRM, Web Applications, Mobile. 

Dynamic Works ( is an Award Winning Web Application and CRM vendor. The company was founded in 2003. Being one of the most trusted vendors in the region with a number of successful projects in Public, Banking and Private sectors, Dynamic Works is one of the first companies to introduce a specialized CRM for the Financial Industry with a focus on Forex Brokerage needs, in 2011. Dynamic Works' Forex CRM has evolved to a solid, powerful, integrated CRM, Back Office and Traders Room solution: Syntellicore.

Dynamic Works certified with ISO27001 and ISO9001 and is a Licensed MetaTrader 5 Application Developer.

Being the head of one of the most reputable web application and CRM vendors in the area he has skills leadership, in management, is well organized and efficient and prides himself on the ability to approach, assist and consult the client, understand the client's business and organize the team for exceeding targets. 

Further from Angelos being a co-founder, the CEO and the leader of a successful company since 2003, his technical background includes excellent knowledge of ColdFusion / SQL / Oracle programming as well as HTML, JavaScript, JQuery CSS, Ajax. Good knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Director (Lingo) C, Assembly as well as many other software languages and packages. 

Angelos Gregoriou is a holder of the M.Sc. in Music Information Technology and B.Sc. in Computer Science.

Specialties: Further from his Leadership, Management and Consulting skills, Angelos is a specialist in system design and development of CRM and Client Portals for Financial Organizations. Syntellicore (, is based around DW Framework, a powerful platform solely developed by Dynamic Works, a platform allowing endless customisation despite complexity.


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