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North Payments Expands to Nordics and Releases Own Anti-Fraud Solution for Merchants

North Payments

UK | In addition to offices in London, Stockholm, and Milan, North Payments has expanded to the Nordics market. The leading payment processor is now offering Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for merchants in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark. The company has also launched a new anti-fraud system, Fraudonomics, to help make online transactions more secure.

North Payments Expands to the Nordics Market

Online merchants in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark are now able to accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The company already offered a wide range of over 220 online checkout solutions to merchants in over 160 countries and is continuously innovating the online payment processing industry. For example, North Payments was also the first payment processor to process payments with Bitcoin.

North Payments’ New Anti-Fraud System Fraudonomics

Fraudonomics is an innovative user behaviour and device metrics programme to help online business processes more secure and less likely to become victims of fraud. Each person that visits the website is checked against a global database and finds out if user has multiple accounts, applications, or identities. In addition to highlighting fraudulent activity, the software shows what is happening in the background by displaying the server output and identifies returning devices regardless of browser or internet gateway.

The anti-fraud solution shows online reports or delivers insights via email. Advanced functions include real time insights, risk-profiling, and data analysis. The software is easily personalizable and offers 24/7 customer support, two features North Payment is known for. Businesses can set up their own rules when payments are declined to allow legitimate transactions to be processed and fraudulent transactions to be prevented instantly. Considering how costly and time consuming the consequences of becoming a victim of fraud are, software’s that help prevent the transaction from going through in the first place are becoming more and more popular. North Payments has recognized this trend and takes fraud prevention one step further with Fraudonomics.

About North Payments: North Payments is a leading provider of payment services enabling businesses to transact online safely, fast and with ease. By allowing companies to process payments quickly and in multiple currencies with confidence and ease, North Payments increases revenues whilst reducing risk and costs of doing business. Supporting FTSE listed companies as well as small businesses, North Payments is transforming online business.

Source: https://www.northpayments.com/
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