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New Klondike bridge features: coverage multipliers and B-book price confirmation

Takeprofit Technology

Some our clients may still remember when our old version of Klondike bridge had a feature called "coverage multipliers" — where you can select individually for every account the percentage of volume hedging. So, 100% means classic STP, 200% means you execute at LP always volumes twice bigger, 50% — twice smaller, and -100% means that whenever some client buys, the bridge sells, and vice versa.

The feature was not perfect in many ways, and we knew we could do better. For example, if you had set multiplier to 10%, your clients would lose ability to execute trade sizes like 0.01 lots, because the LP would not confirm execution of 0.001 lot trades.

We are happy to announce that starting from version 6 of Klondike bridge there's no such limitation anymore, you are free to set any multipliers, and all trades will always properly and safely execute.

But wait, there's more! Now you can also set multipliers in such a way that whatever lot size a client trades, only 0.01 lots of volume will be executed at LP, so you get a proper LP price confirmation (automatically preventing news trading and scalping), but effectively keep most of volumes in B-book, sending out only the smallest possible trading volumes.

To know more, please write to sales@takeprofittech.com, we will be happy to explain. By the way, all our existing clients are eligible for a free update of their bridge plugins.

Source: https://www.takeprofittech.com/klondike
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