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Wordwide FX Financial Translations - Founder and Language Consultant - Isabel Galera

Posted on Tuesday, 23 Feb, 2016 / 9:56 by Wordwide FX Financial Translations Review

State your name, company name and position please: 

Isabel Galera, Founder and Language Consultant at Wordwide FX Financial Translations. 

Describe your company with three words:

Wordwide FX is a translation service 100% specialized in the financial markets.

Please go into detail about Wordwide FX, its market segment and recent developments:

As I mentioned, Wordwide FX is basically a translation service, but what sets us apart from other business of the same kind is that we are focused exclusively in the financial industry. Our clients are basically brokers –forex, binary options, stocks, anything related to the financial markets. Since our inception, we’ve been able to set ourselves as leaders in finance-related translations. I also have to say we were the first of our kind, and the only ones devoted entirely to this sector; although, others have followed since then. It’s easy to imitate what others do if they have tried and succeeded; a totally different thing is to fight for a business idea and take all the risks…

How did you arrive at your current position, and what expertise do you offer the Forex Industry:

I am one of the founders of the company, together with my brother Alex. My province is linguistics. If you wonder between the differences between a translator and a linguist, well, linguists are language scientists; we study different aspects of language (sounds, meanings, history, and so on). I have published a few academic papers. But I am also a translator, and I have translated around 30 published books. And in the last years I’ve come to be quite knowledgeable about the markets. So at my company, I am the language expert and also the forex expert.

Please elaborate on your industry experience, and what you have achieved since being appointed CEO.

Wordwide FX started 5 years ago, and since then we’ve been able to find our own way in this industry. Our clients value our cooperation very much, and we have grown to be real partners to them. Since reaching retail traders all around the world is their main goal, they must address them in their own languages; sometimes it’s websites or emails, but recently we’re producing a lot of market analysis in different languages, which of course is excellent from out point of view, but from the point of view of a global company aimed at retail traders, it’s very valuable.

Do you think it’s important for financial companies to translate analyses and educational content to get to audiences that might not be that good at English?

Well, English is the lingua franca in today’s world, that we are all aware of… but not everyone masters English well enough to read certain stuff, especially when it comes to fundamental analysis, where the interpretations of the authors themselves come to play a crucial role. And let me tell you that sometimes they are quite tricky to interpret! Then we also have the time-factor. Market analysis has a relative short validity, because the markets move really fast, and the translations must be not only linguistically and technically perfect, but they also have to be delivered in record time. We are professionals, and we’ve got a big, competent, reliable team, and I’m proud to say we’re doing fine.

What are your present issues and challenges and what is your plan to steer the company through them successfully?

Our main challenge is to go on providing the type of service our clients pay for, and of course to improve them. All our clients are “always” in a rush, because everything (and everybody) moves very fast in the FX business. So we have to move as fast as the markets, be aware of possible problems, anticipate to them if possible, and react to them at once, to help our clients reach clients worldwide. If we succeed, they win; and if they win, we do, too. It’s a total symbiosis.

As industry is well known to be highly competitive, what means do you use to survive and to excel in such a fast and sometimes harsh environment (except for collaboration with Finance Magnates Directory of course ;)?

Haha, well, we are in touch with other media, mainly forex and investment portals, and we share with them our translations of the best technical and fundamental analysis in different languages. We also have our own blog (wordwidefx.com/blog), where we also publish FX translations and also stuff related to languages, linguistics, language, trading psychology, and the markets. We also use twitter, and we are pretty active in the social networks. Looks like you don’t exist these days if you’re not active in the social media…

Does your company focus on the domestic market or does it have a global presence?

Wordwide FX has a global presence, of course. Our clients come from the four corners of the world where financial services are allowed. And we aim at growing even more and more. 

What is your company’s plan for the next two years? Please detail any expansions, technological developments, mergers/acquisitions or proposed entries into new markets.

In the next couple of years we’d like to grow into the Asian market. It’s a big market, and I’m sure they have the same translation needs as European or American brokers. And we aim at keeping what we’ve got, at securing a place in the market, which we have worked hard to earn… 

Do you read Finance Magnates Quarterly report?

Well, no, I don’t have access to it, do I? Can I ask you to send it my way as from next quarter? 

Are you using social media channels to create greater exposure?

Indeed I do. And I’m trying to learn as much as I can from the social media to be able to increase our visibility and get to more people.

To allow us to get to know you a bit better, let us know something that interests you, and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

I like reading a lot. I recently discovered the world of Amazon Kindle, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I read academic books on linguistics (the last one I bought is called “Old English and it’s Closest Relatives, i.e,, such as Old Norse, and Gothic), novels – I like classics such as Moby Dick and I’m a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and Philip K. Dick; and recently I’m reading stuff by Oliver Sacks, the American neurologist. I’m also interested in politics, and in how they influence the markets. I also love the beach, and walking when the sky is blue. Barcelona, my hometown, is great for that. There are always things to see, we have a huge, wonderful beach, amazing architecture, and sun 300 days a year. And I also enjoy being with pets, friends and family, of course. Who doesn’t? :)

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