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At the conference, LH-Crypto presents the types of partnership

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At the conference, LH-Crypto presents the types of partnership

LH-Crypto is a project by Larson&Holz company; it was aimed at creating a fully-featured crypto-broker after the ICO at the end of 2017. The crowdsale collected enough funds to launch a broker that has been successfully working for over a year already and offers its clients different types of crypto accounts for margin trading. LH-Crypto today is a growing and developing project. They improve their services and add new ones, including various types of partnership programmes.

J.: Today we will interview Eugene Misha from LH-Crypto development team; from South Africa, where he's working now, Eugene will tell us more about the partnership with LH-Crypto.

Eugene, why is LH-Crypto paying special attention to South Africa? What fuels this interest?

E.: That's pretty simple. Africa is really interested in cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they give. We all remember, how in 2017 and 2018 in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, RSA and other countries of South Africa Bitcoin could cost twice as much as in an average exchange; its price on local platforms is still much higher than anywhere else around the globe. First of all, it's connected with how unstable national currencies are, how prone they are to hyperinflation and how flawed the bank systems are there. By buying cryptocurrencies – mostly Bitcoin, of course, – the local people are trying to save their hard-earned funds and invest them into something safer than the fiat currencies of their countries. Of course, the higher price on Bitcoin in Africa is not only fueled by higher demand but with difficulties that miners face here. Power outages and bad connection destroy most of the opportunities for sustainable coin mining. Which also has its impact on the growing prices of cryptocurrencies.

The next question for people is: what to do with the newly-acquired crypto? What if they are ambitious enough, and apart from saving they want to increase the investment?

J.: So you offer to invest in international markets?

E.: Exactly. If people from developed and most developing countries have a wide variety of investment opportunities, from conservative and safer ones like bank deposits and real estate to alternative ones like securities and tech startups, here in the least developed countries of Africa it's not so easy. As I mentioned, hyperinflation is common for a majority of local national currencies, so people's investments can devalue quite quickly. САВOur company, being the first fully-featured cryptobroker, offers an opportunity to open trading accounts denominated in crypto. They give access to international trading platforms, like Forex or CFD markets. It's a great opportunity for every crypto holder, you can earn with it, and here in Africa, it can be the only way to invest.

J.: Well, I can see now why Africa is interested in you, but why did you happen to be here? You must have a goal in mind, you are opening the first partnership office of LH-Crypto, right? And today you're having a conference to present partnership programmes of LH-Crypto. Please, tell us more about them.

E.: Sure, it's my pleasure! In LH-Crypto we have quite a variety of partnership programmes. There are different types both online and offline. An online partnership is the easiest way to become our partner. Anyone who's determined to earn online can join us. As an online representative of LH-Crypto, you can profit from acquiring new clients in return for a certain commission. All you have to do is to recommend us and post a referral link with your individual number in your blog, social networks page or site. Then everyone who follows this link and registers an account with our company will be marked as your referral. Then LH-Crypto shares the commission for every order these referrals close.

Those who prefer working with CPA networks will find very lucrative conditions too – the payouts amount to 100% of the acquired funds. We use cookies for that, so our partners can be sure – everyone who followed their link, even if they didn't open an account right away and did it later, they will be their referrals anyway.

It's a very simple type of partnership, you don't need to register any companies or collect any additional documents. All you need is a real account with LH-Crypto, you don't even need to replenish it or open any orders. Later it will be used to accrue the payouts for referrals' commission, and partners can withdraw them to their wallet. As you see, it's simple and transparent, with no extra expenses.

J.: Yep, looks simple so far. What about the other type of partnership: offline? It must be more complicated?

E.: In total, yes, it takes more efforts and certain initial investments too. On the other hand, profits are very different too. LH-Crypto offers two main subtypes of offline partnership: franchising and call-centres. Let's look closer to each of them.

The franchising type has been there for a pretty long time. As we know, franchising means opening a new business of your own, and your partner provides you with a proven successful model. In our case, a partnership office is a representative office of LH-Crypto in this region, and a franchisee acquires and consults new clients.

The expenses and the expected returns depend on a number of factors: the population size in the city, the initial investment size, etc. For every partner, we make a tailored business plan that considers all these details.

LH-Crypto guarantees transparency and great commission payouts to its partners - up to 90% of all the acquired funds. To make work easier, we created a CRM system and a user-friendly Partners Area in different languages, for instance, in Thai and Vietnamese.

Another type of offline partnership with LH-Crypto is opening a call-centre to attract and manage clients in this region. This type suits those who already have a call-centre and those who are only planning to open one.

J.: Thanks, that was very informative! What do you think, which of these types is going to be the most popular in South Africa?

E.: Well, I presume there will be a growing number of online representatives, speaking about offline partners... As you mentioned, we have just recently signed a contract with our new partner here in RSA. Soon there will be a real representative office running. By the way, here's our new partner – Anele Netshiombo, right next to me.

J.: Oh, how fascinating! Can he tell us a little more about working with your company?

E.: Sure, passing the microphone.

A.: My business companions and I, we have spent a lot of time looking for a partner for our business. For the conditions that LH-Crypto offered, for their reputation, we liked them best and didn't hesitate to choose them. I'm really glad, I'm sure there is a lot of room for development and our business is going to be a success.

Source: https://www.lh-crypto.com/
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