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Wordwide FX’s One-on-One with Joanna Archer, Head of Development at OctaFX

Wordwide FX Financial Translations

By Isabel Galera, Co-Founder and Language consultant at Wordwide FX Financial Translations

IG: Hello Joanna, first of all, thank you very for taking your time to this interview. It’s great for us to get the chance to know our clients a little better. And I have to say OctaFX is one of our favorite clients because of the excellent rapport with you and the rest of the OctaFX team. So, it’s a pleasure to count on you on our series of interviews.

JA: Hello Isabel, thank you for having me! It’s a pleasure to know we are one of your favorite clients, as you are the best translation agency I’ve worked with so far, it even seems nothing is impossible for your team.

IG: If you allow me, I’d like to start speaking briefly about translations. From the point of view of a leader forex broker, do you think it’s important for financial companies to translate their materials (websites, educational content, etc.) to get to audiences worldwide?

JA: Well, I think you’ll agree with me that as soon as something gets translated and therefore localised it has more chances to be successful in the region! What is more important is having translations that are adjusted to a specific target audience. Also, we just love the idea of making our clients communication with us easier speaking their language.

IG: OctaFX shares Forex News from FXStreet and other sources in languages other than English. Have you ever considered the possibility to produce original technical analysis and have it translated into other languages? Do you think it would that help OctaFX reach even more clients worldwide?

JA: That’s a good question, Isabel! We’re now developing a huge educational platform and potentially that involves bringing our own analytics in. We take one step at a time to make sure everything we put up online for our clients to use is close to perfection. So as soon as all the basic Forex material is out we’ll start searching for best analysts in the industry to share some wisdom with OctaFX clients. And yes, you will be very much involved, as giving our clients one more source of information to make their decisions is what we’ve been aiming to do for a long time now.

IG: Let’s speak a little about OctaFX, a company that has been growing quite a bit in 2014. What type of business model do you have that attracts so many traders? In other words, what makes OctaFX different from other companies?

JA: I’d like to believe it’s our individual approach towards every client. I’m also quite proud to say our customer Support can be called the best in the industry! We also would like our clients to perceive us as a reliable partner and not as some company distanced from their needs.
We’re also putting a lot of work into promotional side of the company: having a strong line of promotions and extra-content is what makes us different from other companies.

IG: Has your client profile clients changed since you started? I mean, do you get more retail clients, or more institutional ones? It looks to me that you’ve got a close relationship with your clients, am I wrong?

JA: As I just mentioned we are keen on having rather close relationship with our clients, and there are more retail clients now. However that does not mean we’re not looking into the institutional side of it.
I also would like to point out that our clients have evolved with the company: we made sure they have positive experience with us and they got comfortable with us providing it.
We also expanded our clients base geographically, not in the last place thanks to you!

IG: There is a lot of competition in the FX business now, as compared to only 3 or 4 years ago. What do you do to be competitive? How do you see the future of the company, do you expect the same sustained growth?

JA: We actually expect more than just a sustained growth – as we like to say we’re here to conquer the world! Well, to be serious, it’s quite a lot of competition and we strive to provide the best service and make our trading conditions the best in the market. We also like listening to our clients, as nothing can say more than a constructive feedback. We are happy with what we’ve done so far, but there are some many projects yet to come! Hope you are excited!

Once again, thank you for having me and thanks for your interest in OctaFX!

Source: https://www.wordwidefx.com/
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