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Margin Check – New Risk Management Tool to Enhance Traders’ Confidence in Trading

Doo Clearing

Margin Check, the new risk management tool provided by Doo Tech allows brokers and money managers to deliver customized risk management features and enable users to better enhance the confidence in trading.

Margin Check is a margin level monitoring tool that focuses on the personalized management of withdrawal funds. With Margin Check, the brokers can lower the risk of financial loss for the clients by more accurate and efficient margin management. Through more detailed layout of clients’ accounts or groups, to set up a more flexible capital withdrawal ratio, position ratios, and early warning ratios. Margin Check maximizes the efficiency of financial risk management, the execution of funding withdrawal systems, and therefore reduces users’ risk. A more advanced and customized risk management can seriously enhance clients' investment confidence and profoundly improve the effectiveness of brokers' marketing development.

For more information please visit: https://doo.tech/en/blog/detail/5d5a76b3bfae3700396a9674

Margin Check is provided by Doo Technology Limited which is a Strategic Partner of Doo Clearing.

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Source: https://doo.tech/en/blog/detail/5d5a76b3bfae3700396a9674
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