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“Fund Manager Package” – Transform the way you trade

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The “Fund Manager Package”, offered by Doo tech, is a newly developed trading solution that will transform the way you trade and prosper! From an MT4/MT5 solution to CRM system, as well as risk management tools, this solution combines them all.
The world’s top fund managers all started on a path similar to everyone else; they had to learn how to trade, they had to master their craft, fine-tune their strategy. But the main differences that help make a top fund manager are they trade with top liquidity providers, analyze with advanced data management, and they have professional IT solution to avoid risks.

Seeing the Market More Clearly to Cut Cost
From retail to more professional investors and traders, everyone is concerned with transaction costs because it is an established fact that lower transaction costs automatically enable higher returns.
For high frequency traders, our “Fund Manager Package” allows a transparent transaction cost - a flat fee that avoids the conventional rebate.
With “Fund Manager Package”, traders today have an unprecedented opportunity to monitor order execution in real time, allowing them to adjust trading strategy and order routing to take advantage of liquidity and minimize transaction costs quickly and efficiently. Simply put, the level of execution quality that can be achieved by traders is directly parallel to the capabilities of the platforms and technology their brokers use.

Trade Like a Fund Manager
We provide ULLDMA (Ultra-Low Latency Direct Market Access) to meet the amount of volume demanded by high frequency traders and thus allowing them to maintain their competitive advantage.
Trading with the liquidity that is regulated by top authorities, such as the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), one of the most rigorous financial regulation authorities in the world, it is what our “Fund Manager Package” can offer – the authentic aggregated liquidity that brokers regulated by the FCA offer to protect your rights and best execution.

Bring It All Together
Liquidity Aggregation allows traders to deal with only one company, and have their orders automatically spread over multiple liquidity venues without having to deal with each exchange, market maker or bank directly, therefore getting the best price possible while keeping the prices stable and as low as possible.
We aggregate prices across numbers of liquidity providers with fully aggregated market depth. To create a more competitive environment for global market participators.
With” Fund Manager Package”, we put all that you need in one solution. Now you are fully equipped to trade more professionally, safely and efficiently. Just like the top Fund Managers.

Fund Manager Package includes:
Broker Cloud – MT4/MT5 White Label Solution Free Demo
BrokerForce – Next Generation Forex Broker CRM System Free Demo
Safe Guarder – MT4/MT5 Risk Management System Free Demo
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Fund Manager Package is provided by Doo Technology Limited which is a Strategic Partner of Doo Clearing.
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