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Doo Holding Group Expands International Operations with VFSC Licence Granted to Subsidiary Doo Prime

Doo Clearing

On Tuesday, 14 April 2020, Doo Holding Group announced that its subsidiary Doo Prime was issued a Financial Dealers Licence by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), regulatory number 700238.

Increased Trading Flexibility and Transparency Under the Regulation of the VFSC

Having successfully received the VFSC licence, Doo Prime is permitted to facilitate trading in forex, commodities, stocks, bonds and other securities. Furthermore, the licensure enables the Group to safely, securely and efficiently conduct securities underwriting and fund deposit operations for its professional clients.

This new milestone expands Doo Holding Group’s business operations and market reach, contributing significantly to the Group’s continued stability in finance globally.

About the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) was established in 1993 to regulate banking and financial activity in the Republic of Vanuatu. With its wide range of trading in financial derivatives, Vanuatu has established itself as one of the most attractive regulatory jurisdictions. One significant advantage that Vanuatu has compared to its onshore regulatory counterparts is the option to simultaneously trade stocks, futures, contracts for difference (CFDs) and cryptocurrencies under one account.

As one of few financially thriving offshore jurisdictions in the world, Vanuatu’s financial industry is well supported by the government of Vanuatu. The Vanuatuan government has invested heavily in strengthening its offshore finance through a strong institutional framework to reduce potential risks and other problems. Moreover, it is at the forefront when it comes to access to information, reflecting the legal standards of some of the strictest jurisdictions such as the European Union, among other regulatory jurisdictions.

The VFSC licence is significant in the financial industry with over 100 corporations having been granted VFSC licensure, including JFD, Hantec Markets Limited, Hengda Group and other multinational financial corporations.

With the access provided by the VFSC, Doo Holding Group is further empowered to provide enhanced products and trading services, allowing its investors to experience a more flexible trading environment.

Multinational Regulations for a Multinational Conglomerate

In response to the increasing need for financial regulation and compliance globally, the Vanuatuan government has steadily tightened the integrity of its institutional framework, corporate fund management controls and legal requirements, becoming a pinnacle among offshore regulatory jurisdictions.

The issuance of the VFSC licence enables Doo Holding Group to provide traders of its subsidiary Doo Prime with access and services in the offshore jurisdiction, contributing to the overall dexterity and stability of the Group’s multinational operations.

In regards to its corporate values, Doo Holding Group and its subsidiaries attach great importance to its commitment to compliance and reliable management. Members of staff strictly adhere to the Group’s values of excellence, diversity and integrity as they provide traders with safe, secure and stable trading environments and brokerage services.

In regards to its compliance operations, in addition to receiving licensure from the VFSC, Doo Holding Group is also licenced and regulated by regulatory agencies in other world-class financial centres including the Hong Kong Department of Customs and Excise (MSO licence) and the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Doo Holding Group and its subsidiaries are reinforced by its stable management, which has paved the way for its nonstop research and development and expansion of its technological products and services. This multinational operational structure is the pivot of the Group’s continued operational success. The combination of the Group’s corporate values with its compliance operations was integral in bringing Doo Holding Group and its subsidiaries to the next level.

Doo Holding Group: Leading the Way to the Era of Fintech-Driven Globalisation

Just as compliance is the cornerstone of a corporation’s operations, so too technology is the vehicle that drives the corporation to progress. As a corporation develops economically, its global growth is driven by its technological innovation. Technology continues to empower the financial industry, and corporations are racing to utilise technological innovation to spearhead their international development.

Doo Holding Group analyses and refines its products and services through its technological innovation, which includes research and development. Furthermore, it invests heavily in conducting market research to thoroughly evaluate the needs and behavioural patterns of its client demographic. After a continuous process of adjustment and refinement, the Group adjusts its products and business structure to adapt to the ever-changing market. Doo Holding Group believes that products must reflect the needs and behavioural patterns of their intended client demographics in order to truly innovate.

Fintech subsidiary Doo Tech has invested heavily in technological resources, upgrading existing servers to ensure compatibility and maximised reliability, while strictly maintaining the level of service provided. Through comprehensive analyses, Doo Tech superbly meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of its clients Through constant updates and optimisation of its technology repertory, Doo Tech consistently provides its clients with the best technological products and services.

Liquidity provider Doo Clearing connects to the specialised financial data centres facilitated by Doo Tech, providing clients of Doo Clearing unparalleled access to top-tier liquidity sources through its direct market access (DMA) platforms. Doo Clearing brings clients the best in the liquidity market.

Doo Holding’s technological prowess has been growing faster each year. With a focus on harnessing technology to empower finance, Doo Holding Group will continue to bring technological innovation to the world, creating a global fintech system and leading the way to the new era of fintech-driven globalisation.

About Doo Holding Group

Doo Holding Group has over the years expanded into a comprehensive financial services conglomerate built around fintech. With branches in Hong Kong, London, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and other cities, Doo Holding Group is comprised of subsidiaries including Doo Clearing, Doo tech, Doo Prime, Doo Exchange, and Doo Consulting. Together, the conglomerate is committed to serve financial institutions and individuals around the world with the best products and services possible.

On a global scale, Doo Holding Group excels beyond its counterparts and achieves unparalleled results. Its diverse fintech solutions coupled with deep and wide liquidity access is proven to significantly enhance transaction execution for brokers. The Group’s continuously evolving trading technology and data have driven the development of transactional systems, enabling clients to maintain a leading position in the ever-changing financial market.

For more information, please contact:

Hong Kong: +852 95614601
London: +44 2081239088
Email: marketing@doo.hk
Web: www.doo.hk

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