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Doo Holding Group: 5 Years of Innovation in Finance

Doo Clearing

Today, 18 November 2019, we at Doo Holding Group invite you to join us in celebrating five years of innovation in finance. Founded and incorporated in 2014, Doo Holding Group has since broadened both its product offerings and international reach, and now covers global markets including Hong Kong, London and Taiwan. Now more than ever, our products and solutions are an integral part of the fintech and forex trading sectors. With milestones ranging from Doo Clearing’s regulatory approval by the FCA to the release of our ground-breaking bridge connection to the Hong Kong Exchange in partnership with MetaQuotes Software, we are constantly evolving to adapt our extensive product line to meet and exceed the needs and specifications of our diverse client base.

Over the years, we have developed a wide repertory of products to streamline and advance the process of forex trading, while also expanding our international presence.

Doo Clearing Emerges as a Fintech-based Liquidity Aggregator

Doo Clearing, backed by our team’s over 20 years of experience as well as strong fintech support from Doo Tech, has grown to become a significant presence in the forex trading arena. We offer unparalleled direct market access, enhanced by our intuitive aggregation service which further streamlines the trading process for our clients. With the fintech expertise of Doo Tech, Doo Clearing operates on resilient, ultra-low latency networks with data centres in the three financial capitals of the world – Hong Kong, London and New York.

An FCA-Regulated Liquidity Provider

Doo Clearing received regulatory approval by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to commence authorised and regulated transactions in rolling spot forex and contracts for difference (CFDs). In addition to facilitating Doo Clearing’s continuing growth, the regulation ensures the security and protection of clients, and serves as an additional attestation of our commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability.

Doo Clearing at the 2019 Finance Magnates London Summit

Doo Clearing highlighted its British roots with a home appearance at the 2019 London Summit. As one of the most significant events in the forex sphere with over 2000 attendees representing the retail and institutional forex, fintech, payments, cryptocurrencies, compliance and licensing sectors, the Summit was a key opportunity for us to showcase our advantages to a massive cosmopolitan audience.

Doo Tech (Taiwan) is Established

In September 2019, Doo Holding Group received approval from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Financial Supervisory Commission, Banking Bureau and Industrial Development Bureau to establish Doo Tech (Taiwan), enabling us to bring our fintech prowess to yet another region.

Modernising and Streamlining Social Trading with Outrade

We launched Outrade, our social trading platform, which brings personalised, Saas-based community trading to all brokers. Our innovative system integrates transaction signal sharing, follower follow-up, and community interaction, eliminating the gap between foreign investors and brokers, further facilitating cross-broker calls and orders.

BrokerForce CRM Revolutionises Client Relations

Our BrokerForce CRM system incorporates the MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5 system access module technology, allowing users to conveniently manage client demographics, broker introductions, sales, customer service, system administration and other key functions all within one platform. BrokerForce has not only enabled brokers to maximise their operational efficiency, but equally importantly, it has also effected a significant reduction R&D and maintenance costs compared to proprietary, self-built systems.

After five years of proactive market innovation, we’re excited to explore the limitless opportunities that await us in the next five years. Doo Holding Group is committed to being your partner in building your financial enterprise.

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