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Doo Clearing Reports Record Trading Volume in March 2020

Doo Clearing

- Monthly trading volume surpasses US$2.9 billion

- CAD/USD, XAU/USD and EUR/USD were the three most traded pairs

- CAD/USD jumps 173.2% from previous period to constitute 47.5% of total trade in March

London-based, FCA-regulated liquidity provider Doo Clearing Limited reported a new record high in trading volumes during the month of March 2020. Total trade volume for March 2020 was recorded at over US$2.9 billion, representing an increase of over 122% since February, the highest rate of increase yet. Within these statistics, it was reported that CAD/USD, XAU/USD and EUR/USD were the three highest performing trade pairs during this period, with CAD/USD reaching 47.5% of total trade volume. Notably, CAD/USD has been climbing relentlessly, from its 15.7% constituency in January, to 38.8% in February, outperforming gold for the first time, to its current 47.5% in March, becoming the most traded pair by a wide margin.

Increased market volatility due to uncertainties arising from the ongoing coronavirus situation globally, in addition to broadening client adoption resulting from the growing popularity of the customised, aggregated liquidity provision system pioneered and perfected by Doo Clearing, were instrumental in driving the recent surge in trading activity. As aggregation becomes increasingly crucial in the forex trading sphere, brokers and their traders continue to seek more flexible and personalised methods of accessing liquidity as well as tighter prices and greater market depth.

Doo Clearing continues to expand its liquidity offerings and update its infrastructure, firmly establishing itself as a competitive liquidity provider that remains committed to providing reliable, advanced and secure systems to its diverse and ever-growing community of primary and regional dealers, professional trading groups and other institutional traders around the world.

About Doo Clearing

Doo Clearing Limited is a UK-based Spot Forex and contracts for difference (CFDs) liquidity provider authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN: 833414) to arrange and deal in rolling spot FX and CFDs with eligible counterparties and professional clients.

Doo Clearing offers a comprehensive liquidity clearing system that includes modules such as liquidity access, quotation aggregation, liquidity distribution, clearing account, risk management, reporting and system health-level checking.

For more information, please contact our expert support team:

London Office
Phone: +44 2071128722
Email: sales@dooclearing.co.uk
Website: www.dooclearing.co.uk

Hong Kong Office
Phone: +852 95612013
Email: sales@dooclearing.com
Website: www.dooclearing.com

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Source: https://dooclearing.co.uk/en/press/detail/5e8da11dc4f6fb0039c9ef2c
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