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Doo Clearing liquidity provider receives FCA authorization

Doo Clearing

Doo Clearing, a UK-based Spot Forex and CFDs liquidity provider, has received regulatory approval from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) with FRN (Firm Regulation Number): 833414. Doo Clearing is now authorized and regulated by the FCA to arrange and deal in Rolling Spot FX and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) with Eligible counterparties and professional clients. The FCA authorization will allow these clients of Doo Clearing to gain exposure to Spot Forex markets and the CFD markets.

Investors’ capital is well protected
When clients choose to work with a firm that officially recognized and regulated by the FCA, it means that their rights in fair trading are protected by a strong third party under professional regulations. Under the supervision of the FCA, all client margin funds are separated in isolation from the company's operating capital, which will secure clients' funds.
The FCA is able to freeze assets of individuals or organizations under investigation before they are found guilty to maintain confidence in their oversight abilities.

The FCA is a rigorous financial regulation authority
The FCA is known for its rigorous examinations on regulating financial firms providing services to consumers and maintains the integrity of the financial markets in the United Kingdom. The authority has significant powers, including the power to regulate conduct related to the marketing of financial products. It is able to specify minimum standards and to place requirements on products. It has the power to investigate organizations and individuals.
In addition, the FCA is able to ban financial products for up to a year while considering an indefinite ban; it will have the power to instruct firms to immediately retract or modify promotions which it finds to be misleading and to publish such decisions.

Advancing the speed as well as cutting your cost
Doo Clearing provides not only financial security but also with cutting-edge technology to help clients in reducing cost. We’re dedicated to advancing our clients’ position in the market. By DMA (Direct Market Access) connecting to the global financial markets and instructing deeper and broader market liquidity, our clients win on the cost of spread. We strive to achieve a low trade cost with ultra-low latency transaction speed (millisecond order).

Transparency, Financial Security, and Tailor-made Solution
Doo Clearing has always taken Transparency, Financial Security, and Tailor-made Solution as the major value compass for the company. We earn clients and regulators trust by being as transparent as we can within respect for privacy as well as the law. We also perform a bonding system to secure positions and mitigate risk ex-ante; acting as a neutral party to every transaction; maintaining the neutral risk management standards. In addition, our technical infrastructure is built to facilitate high-velocity trading with the intuitively designed platform. We are equipped to accommodate the client’s requirement with the tailor-made solutions and customized private services.

For more information, please contact our support team which is composed of experts.
For EU
Phone: +44 207 1128722
Email: sales@dooclearing.co.uk
Website: https://www.dooclearing.co.uk
For Overseas
Phone: +852 9561 2013
Email: sales@dooclearing.com
Website: www.dooclearing.com

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