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Giving Keeps You Grounded

Michael Buchbinder

Forex traders attack their work with such intensity they frequently lose sight of their goals. Charitable giving keeps you present and out of the weeds.

At some point or another, every trader experiences analysis paralysis. We spend so much time in our work that we build our own set of horse blinders. Instead of managing our Forex trading business, it controls us. It’s not that we want to or need to. It’s simply a reaction to our environment.

Taking a Step Back

Some people just exist simply to trade and invest in the markets because they enjoy trading more than making money. Forex trading and investing are like any other business; it enables us to live our lives and do the things that matter most. That’s not to say Forex cannot be enjoyed.

Most of us unwind in the company of others or through other enjoyable activities. These enable us to divert our attention from our work long enough to reset ourselves. We can re-approach our work with a fresh perspective, stripped of the emotional baggage.

Giving is Selfish & That’s OK

For some of us, it takes more than just a day at the beach or a night on the town. When we build a lifestyle around our work, we never get that valid emotional reset. Our work becomes our lives. It’s a common problem in a field populated by highly driven individuals.

Charitable giving offers a chance to step out of ourselves and our baggage and connect with the needs of others. We not only walk away from Forex for the moment but realize the more significant benefits of our work.

And we do this all in a selfish manner. Even the Dalai Lama understands the concept. Without the emotional gratification of helping others, we would never bother creating these connections. By giving to others, we help ourselves, taking the necessary emotional break. It acts like a meditation that recenters the mind.

As traders, most of us are guilty of getting so caught up in our work that we react rather than respond to the markets. Instead of adhering to our strategies and thoughtful analysis, we do what feels right without thinking. Often, it sets us back in our profitability. At its worst, it can blow up an account.

The Scandinavian Capital Management Story

As a global company, we work with traders and customers around the world. Our diversity is a core asset and glue that creates a ‘secret sauce’ other companies cannot readily duplicate.

So it’s no surprise we partnered with Bow Sailing that is a living example of these virtues. Our company is built on the principles of trust, transparency, and relationships. We work every day to dispel the negative perceptions the industry garnered over the years.

Similarly, Bow Sailing takes activities often associated with the ‘elite’ and makes them accessible to the youth of the broader community.

Tyler Rice, founder of Bow Sailing, with his students.

Tyler Rice, the founder of the Bow Sailing, with his students.

Founders Tyler Rice and Elizabeth Nurse bring together sailing and wellness enthusiasts to work with children throughout the Caribbean. Their group fosters teamwork, life skills, and mindfulness in the next generation. They work to break down barriers, empower underprivileged youth, help to build their confidence and harness connection with nature and each other.

We built our brokerage without the counterparty conflict of interest inherent with most others. Similarly, Bow Sailing connects children with the equipment and training necessary for sailing, as well as promoting individual wellness.

Publication about the Bow Sailing in Daily News (Virgin Islands)

Publication about the Bow Sailing in Daily News (Virgin Islands)

Mentors and volunteers of Bow Sailing help youth to work together and develop mindfulness through Yoga and similar practices. Most of the kids come from underserved communities. Bow Sailing helps them to restore confidence, emotional stability and provides broad community support for the development of children.

Elizabeth Nurse, the founder of Bow Sailing, with her students

Elizabeth Nurse, the founder of the Bow Sailing, with her students

Start Helping Others Today

Just because you haven’t donated to charitable causes in the past doesn’t mean you can’t start today. Every morning is an opportunity to change lives in a meaningful way. Whether you choose Bow Sailing, your local charity, or any other organization, know that your help matters.

If you’d like to learn more Bow Sailing, visit their website here. The organization is accepting donations at this website.

Photos: provided by tlcfoundationvi.org

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