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cTrader Users are Awesome - This is Why

Michael Buchbinder

cTrader Users are Awesome - This is Why

If you didn’t already hear, at Scandinavian Capital Markets we have recently introduced cTrader. We’ve had our eye on the platform for some time now because it’s a brilliant tool that we wanted to offer our clients. Finally, all of the conditions were right, and in 2019 we were able to move forward with the cTrader implementation project.

There were several reasons why we chose to proceed with cTrader. One factor that supported the decision was that we share remarkably similar values as Spotware. We both follow a client-centric approach. At Scandinavian Capital Markets ‘everything we do is for the trader’ and cTrader has its trademarked trader’s first directive. I assure you this is extremely uncommon in the FX business.

This article isn’t about why we onboarded cTrader as a platform. This article is about what we got, and the fact it was much more than we had expected. By exceeding expectations, I don’t mean that we exceeded our KPIs because of cTrader (it’s still too early to tell). We got more than we had expected because we viewed cTrader mostly as an object. cTrader is a community, and it’s a group of people that we have so much in common with and working with traders like this is a dream for us. This article is about why I think cTrader users are fantastic.


cTrader is rarely the first platform that any trader is introduced to. MetaTrader 4 dominates the retail FX space. There is an abundance of validation from peers in the online trading community that this platform is a smart choice. This volume of social proof is impossible for any newbie to ignore. It takes a lot of time to outgrow MetaTrader 4. From my interaction with cTrader users, I can see they are experienced and focused. We are building our brokerage for this type of trader.


To become experienced in the Forex industry, you need to get past numerous setbacks, and that takes a lot of determination. Blowing your account because you succumbed to your emotions. Confrontation with bucket shop brokers. Being screwed and screwing yourself can cause you to lose faith. We’ve faced the same issues as traders. There are bucket shop Liquidity Providers and lousy tech firms who make it impossible to do right by your clients.

Like us, cTrader users have found a light at the end of the tunnel. That light is a good broker with a good platform. Our mission is always to be that idealistic broker traders crave.


Nothing in life is free. In the FX business, it’s the free stuff you should be especially cautious of. As an STP broker, we need to charge a commission to cover many costs, such as technology, execution and our staff. Mature traders respect our fees, and we commit to providing the trading environment you want from a broker.


cTrader users make their opinions heard. They are actively testing new platform versions and providing feedback. They are passionate about making things better for the whole community. Forex is notoriously self-centred. The cTrader community is above this all-or-nothing attitude. Yes, it’s competitive, and not everyone can win but sometimes having a strong community beside you is the edge most traders lack. We want to hear our traders, and we want them to feel we are by their side.

Real Traders

Some people are attracted to trading forex because of their expectations of acquiring riches overnight. I’ve noticed that cTrader users are down to earth and very realistic in what they expect from their trading gains. cTrader users are attracted to mastery and long-term self-development as opposed to a quick buck. It’s the bigger picture that’s important, and we like working with traders who are thinking about their strategy, not each individual trade.


At the start of this article, I mentioned that cTrader gave us much more than we had anticipated. By onboarding this platform, it opened the door to an awesome community of Forex traders. Everything we have established at Scandinavian Capital Markets is for experienced, determined, mature, passionate and real traders.

cTrader is awesome. Traders using the platform are awesome, and we love the fact that what cTrader brought to us was awesome clients.

Check here if you want to open an account with cTrader platform at Scandinavian Capital Markets.

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