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      Chief Operating Officer, B2Broker: FX & Cryptocurrency Liquidity & Technology Provider


      Evgeniya started her career after receiving a Master’s degree in International Economics from the Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade. Her academic achievements include the Presidential Scholarship in Economics and authoring 11 scientific publications in the Annual Economics USUFIT Journal. She was also the winner of the third Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the "World Economy and International Economic Relations". Evgeniya went on to complete an MBA from AFW Academy, Russia, specialising in project management.


      Prior to joining B2Broker, Evgeniya worked for an extensive period as a project manager in business development within a major international brokerage before transitioning firstly, to Project Manager, then to Chief Operating Officer (COO) at B2Broker, a role she has held for over 2 years.

      As COO, Evgeniya is responsible for almost all operational processes in the company. On a daily basis, Evgeniya oversees, directs, and organizes the work of the Sales, Marketing, IT, Legal and Finance, establishing and monitoring staff performance and development goals, setting objectives and conducting annual performance appraisals. Her other duties include planning, coordinating and executing the annual budget process and advising members of the Board of Investors on financial and investment priorities, and policy matters.

      Evgeniya plays a key role in representing the company across the world, taking part in negotiations on behalf of the company and speaking at expos and conferences.

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