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      Arthur Azizov


      Founder and Chief Executive Officer, B2Broker: FX & Cryptocurrency Liquidity & Technology Provider.


      Arthur is the founder and CEO of B2Broker, a provider of cryptocurrency and forex liquidity and technology solutions. He started his career after completing his education at Belgorod University of Consumer Cooperatives where he achieved an MBA in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law.


      Arthur founded B2Broker in 2014 having previously headed up ABK Technologies which specializes in bringing value to startup companies and other organisations. Prior to this, Arthur was a development manager for TKS Group, a provider of call centre services and BPO solutions.

      As B2Broker’s CEO, Arthur has overall responsibility for the company’s products, projects and partnerships.

      Arthur has acquired a reputation in the blockchain and crypto community as a strategic thinker with a capacity to find compromise solutions. These traits have helped him to develop the business and deliver a range of innovative solutions for financial institutions. Arthur is highly results-oriented with an innate talent for quickly responding to the fast-evolving changes in the industry.


      Arthur is an experienced business professional with over 10 years fintech experience behind him. A prolific speaker, Arthur is a regular and popular feature at some of the world’s leading blockchain and crypto expos and a frequent contributor on many panel discussions. Arthur is highly knowledgeable on any blockchain or crypto industry topic and his informative and lively style of delivery has made him an in-demand speaker in his field.

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