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Kenmore Design aims to boost market confidence: Announces Support for New Trading Platforms, Integration of High-Impact Marketing and Educational tools.

Alex Sherbakov

Kenmore Design, a Forex-focused web solutions provider, is pleased to introduce several product advancements that are aimed at facilitating new business strategies in the current market climate.

The year has begun with historical market movements whose aftershocks will likely continue to impact the industry. Regardless of market sentiment, the most esteemed asset for any broker is traders and investors.

Boosting confidence in traders and investors is the key to stabilizing any market across the financial industry.

Kenmore Design is rolling out a system by which brokers, IBs, money managers and support professionals can remain more directly in-touch with their clients while making sure it does not consume valuable time.

Kenmore Design believes they can re-instill market confidence in brokerages.

To further re-instill market confidence, Kenmore Design is going to provide access to new trading platforms by seamlessly integrating them into the same familiar interface.

Additionally, Kenmore Design will provide analytical tools as a way to test the new marketing strategies.

The above constitute the following updates to Kenmore Design’s Trader’s Room:

• Seamless Integration with Spotware cTrader.

• Ability to conduct one-to-one and one-to-group online video-sessions with voice, chat, screenshare, and presentation support akin to the systems used by online universities.

• Integration with the leading web-analytical systems.

“It's great to see the growing popularity of the new cTrader platform across both traders and a growing number of well established brokers. Michael Greenberg, CEO ForexMagnates.”

About Kenmore Design

Kenmore Design is a recognized name and a comprehensive leader in Forex software and web development. The Boston-based developer is primarily known for its Trader's Room, a web-based portal that connects with trading platforms and enables seamless communication between traders, IBs, money managers and investors, with sales and support agents inside the brokerage. Learn more about Kenmore Design at https://www.kenmoredesign.com

Source: https://www.kenmoredesign.com
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