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Synergy FX shakes up forex industry, announces launch of “Hybrid Execution” accounts

Synergy FX

Leading “Agency Model” Australian forex broker Synergy FX stunned the trading world today by launching what is perhaps the forex brokerage industry’s first “Hybrid Execution” trading account named SynergyHybrid ECN (called a “Hybrid” because it blends the advantages of a B-book broker model which internalizes some risk with A-book practices to send trade flow to the interbank market). The account makes use of what Synergy FX calls “superior technology, proprietary risk algorithms, and market insight” to enable it to take on and manage certain portions of client volume internally. This has become a critical element for traders in the wake of the SNB market shocking surprise last week, and Synergy FX responded quickly to what has become a tidal wave of public outcry among forex market participants large and small, announcing and offering the new SynergyHybrid ECN accounts today on its website https://www.synergyfx.com.au

Synergy FX Managing Director Christian Dove had this to say: “After recent events, many unfortunate traders have realised what negative equity actually means. Also, the brokers have realised what broke clients actually means. Negative balances have become their own liabilities, to disastrous effect. The brokers that stand for integrity have suffered, as it's impossible to forgive negative balances if you’re an "A" book operator, unless you directly hit your bottom line.

This has caused the Synergy team and I to re-evaluate what integrity and client support actually means. This week there has been huge demand for us to deliver traders a "hybrid" execution service. A service from a broker that can be trusted to not use any of those tricks that an outright B book operator would use (such as deliberate slowing of servers; power outs; implied slippage; implementation of a virtual dealer plug in, the myriad known manipulations), a service which delivers to the trader the security of protection from negative equity and balances, yet offers interbank raw pricing and security of segregated client funds under a quality regulatory licence.

Synergy already has some of the most experienced staff in the market and state of the art risk management processes and systems. We are perfectly positioned to offer this hybrid product, and are proud to once again be leading the market with innovative products that are in demand. Because we come from a history that is 100% A-Book Agency Model, traders know they can trust us and our integrity. Because of our experience, knowledge and technology, they can now also trust our management of their trade flow with this new product that they have demanded loud and clear “

Synergy FX invites traders to join it in the “Hybrid Revolution” and explore the new account type SynergyHybrid ECN online at www.synergyfx.com.au

Source: https://www.synergyfx.com.au
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