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SquaredFinancial Starts Next Phase of Development: What to Expect


The Executive Chairman of SquaredFinancial shares his vision of the company with Finance Magnates.
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SquaredFinancial is currently going through a new phase of development, which will see the company relaunch as a multi-asset trading provider and gateway for its clients with an emphasis on technology and automation.

As Finance Magnates reported, this new phase started with its co-Founder, Philippe Ghanem, returning to the company as its Executive Chairman. Ghanem co-Founded the SquaredFinancial Group in 2005.

From here, he helped to build the company into a well-respected investment and wealth management firm, before stepping back to set-up new ventures, or as Ghanem told Finance Magnates, to develop his ideas.

In a recent interview with Finance Magnates, Ghanem explained that he now returns with a wealth of experience and many ideas which he believes will address the changes he believes the industry needs.

Although now might be an uncertain time for many companies, with the coronavirus pandemic bringing the world to an almost standstill, it has provided a much-needed boost to the trading markets, with volatility returning with a bang, which has largely been beneficial for brokerages and trading providers.

Now is the optimal time to launch

During the interview, Ghanem said that he believes now is the optimal time to launch a company in the financial space and that the industry needs another strong broker to provide trading opportunities to investors.

Philippe Ghanem, CEO of ADSS

Philippe Ghanem, Executive Chairman at SquaredFinancial

“I always wanted to focus on artificial intelligence and innovative technology. For me, I look at SquaredFinancial as a fintech institution… I think if you integrate artificial intelligence with a total secured system in terms of platform and you are a multi-market, multi-jurisdiction company, I am totally convinced that it is the right time to establish a company that is the gateway,” Ghanem said.

“Today’s clients want a one-stop-shop, a secured one-stop-shop, and this is what we are building, a one-stop-shop for our investors. So of course, we are now going full speed and we are serving clients as we speak. We are going full speed to providing the best brokerage with the best pricing, transparency, execution, all of this is 90 per cent automated. This is really our priority that our systems are automated and supervised by the best people,” he continued.

SquaredFinancial to be a gateway

As part of the company’s vision, SquaredFinancial wants to provide a gateway from trading to online banking and plans on offering around two thousand products, including forex, CFDs, equities, futures, crypto, bullion, funds and ETFs.

“This is what SquaredFinancial is all about, giving you a gateway to access from your bond trading, institutional trading, or from only using the platform without our pricing, to your day to day banking, or your day to day company banking, this is where we are going to go.”

Overall, the vision of SquaredFinancial is to be widely regulated, highly automated, act as a gateway for its clients and provide them with lots of products, and therefore, lots of opportunities.

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Source: https://www.financemagnates.com/executives/interview/squaredfinancial-starts-next-phase-of-development-what-to-expect/
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