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Olymp Trade - A Better Way to Trade Forex

Olymp Trade

With so many brokers and online markets in the world, one broker continues to impress the growing masses in Forex Trading - Olymp Trade. Olymp Trade’s online Forex trading platform is the better way to trade Forex in today’s fast-paced and multi-faceted markets.

Olymp Trade is already the surging favorite of traders from around the world and there are substantial reasons for its popularity. With over 25,000 clients trading each day and nearly 250,000 each month, here are some of the reasons people are joining Olymp Trade to trade Forex.

Low and Transparent Fees and Commissions

Investors have a thousands of options available to them as vehicles to make their money work for them, but ask any serious investor and they will tell you that the fees and commissions on many of these vehicles are so high, that most investors end up making money for their broker more than for themselves.

Olymp Trade Forex has no hidden fees. All commissions are presented to clients up front and clients can even see their profit on open positions that include the commissions. Trading becomes much simpler when all your commissions can be seen clearly AND in advance.

Additionally, Olymp Trade doesn’t charge any deposit or withdrawal fees on clients’ accounts like many brokers. It’s your money, you’re free to take it whenever you like and Olymp Trade is currently paying out over 13 million USD each month to their clients.

And unlike many brokers that have large minimum deposits, Olymp Trade’s minimum deposit is a ridiculously low at only $10 USD. Also, there are no fees to set up your account so your first $10 is available for trading immediately.

Maximum Profit with Less Risk - Olymp Trade Multipliers

Olymp Trade Forex gives clients the ability to use multipliers with their trades adding significant weight to their trades and increasing profitability. Many of the assets on Olymp Trade like USD/GBP are given a 500 times multiplier on trades executed by clients.

There is no “catch”. Unlike typical leverage from most brokers where the multiplier is essentially a loan to clients, Olymp Trade’s multiplier system doesn’t allow its clients to go into debt because of a bad trade or two.

Instead, Olymp Trade Forex will automatically close the trade when the trade value loses the invested amount. Therefore, the client is only risking the $10 USD, but gains the upside from the multiplier.

Train to Be a Pro with Real Pros

One of Olymp Trade’s core philosophies is that making their clients better traders is good for both the client and Olymp Trade. Therefore, clients are given access to educational resources on trading taught by professional traders and financial analysts.

Users don’t just get to practice theory either. With Olymp Trade’s Demo Account of $10,000 USD in virtual funds, clients can actually train in the trading techniques that they are learning in Olymp Trade’s webinars, video tutorials, or helpful Olymp Trade blog posts.

Not Rocket Science

Olymp Trade’s philosophy is to keep trading as simple for the client as possible. Therefore it empowers its clients with an easy to use, state of the art platform that is equipped with all the professional analytical tools you would find at professional trading houses.

You can also use Meta Trader 4 to trade Olymp Trade Forex. Either option gives clients simple to use access from their phone or computer to everything they need to make well informed trades.

Access to the Big Markets

Olymp Trade provides its clients with a gateway to the most lucrative Forex markets in the world. If an asset is being traded, Olymp Trade clients can participate with access to all these markets day or night. Want to trade USD/JPY during the North American session? Olymp Trade has you covered.

Olymp Trade Forex features a large array of the most popular currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and AUD/NZD giving clients options on whether to focus exclusively on one or two markets or to explore and trade on multiple markets depending on their strategy.

Additionally, clients can trade commodities linked to currency like Gold and Silver against the U.S. dollar. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are also available on Olymp Trade Forex with several of the most popular ETFs such as the U.S. Real Estate Fund or the Brazilian MSCI Fund.

If you’re a fan of blockchain currencies, Olymp Trade has you covered with the coins that have the highest capitalization like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Crypto currency trading is much safer on Olymp Trade as it avoids the risk of trading on some of the less stable crypto exchanges in the world.

World Class Customer Support

Many companies make the claim of great customer service, but Olymp Trade truly lives up to the title “World Class”. Olymp Trade takes its clients, regardless of their investment, very seriously and provides 3 different methods for seeking help from their specialists in 13 different languages in every timezone of the world.

Having a problem using one of Olymp Trade’s dozens of charts? At 4 am Jakarta time? Open an online chat and one of our specialists will be with you usually in 15 seconds and speaking the language you prefer.

Looking for a more traditional method of contact with Olymp Trade professionals? Olymp Trade provides phone support in India, South Africa, Russia, and Nigeria or you can send us an email and we’ll respond quickly and efficiently.

Serious Traders Welcome

Olymp Trade values every client regardless of their investment or trading activity. But for those traders that seeking some extra value for their deposits, Olymp Trade Forex has a fantastic VIP program that will up your trading game.

Fortunately, like most Olymp Trade programs, our VIP membership is very accessible to many investors. An Olymp Trade VIP account only requires a $2,000 USD deposit or balance. If you’re not ready for that level yet, we’ll help you get there.

VIP membership comes with a slew of advantages including an increase in the maximum trade amounts to $5,000 USD (normally $2,000 USD). Furthermore, VIP members get their own personal financial analyst to help them in making trades and developing their trading strategy,. VIP members are also invited to exclusive webinars with top trading professionals.

Getting the Most from Your Money

It is easy to see why Olymp Trade is one of the fastest growing brokers in the world. Backed by its customer centered approach, reliability, and consistent performance, Olymp Trade is rated as a Category A Broker by the International Financial Commission.

You worked hard for your money. Let Olymp Trade Forex help you make that money work hard for you.

Olymp Trade Review

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