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Money is not a guarantee of smooth business. Business world is fierce, so a businessperson must consider the originality of his idea.

Another alternative to your investment is Forex (Foreign Exchange). The prospect of FOREX investment is considered to be good for its liquidity level and high price movement.

According to World Bank Survey, the total amount of transactions in the Forex market reaches more than $4 trillion a day (2011).

Forex became the most popular type of investment as it provides high return of investment and the profit exceeds other type of trading, around 5 – 20%.

Forex is also considered to be democratic business. As the rate of profit is determined by market mechanism.

The rate always follows international pricing which is the ultimate bechmark of Forex trading. There is no dependency to supplier as in the conventional trading, creating freedom for investors to work 24 hour a day.

Therefore MFXAcademy plans a road show to several important cities all over Indonesia, to provide education in a form of Seminar and training / workshop.

Our latest event was held in Bandar Lampung with total participant number reaching 200 persons. In total, we created 4 session within 3 days.

Our next Seminar & Workshop will be held in Bandung,
Date: Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Time: 09:30 – 17:30 WIB
Place : Grand Pasundan Convention Hotel **** Jl. Peta No. 147 - 149 Lingkar Selatan Bandung
Phone: +62 22 6043135

(The show will be closed by having Iftar (breaking the fast))

Last chance to register, June 26th, 2015.
You may register via SMS: Registrasi_Nama Lengkap_Email
Send to: 0878 3826 1493

The training will be held by MFXAcademy Professional Trainer: Bambang Sugiarto, SE., SIP., MM., Akt. who provides effective and practical teaching method.

You may contact us for educational visit to your city and community via Mobile Phone: 0878 3826 1493

More photos: https://mfxbroker.com/en/news/19062015-seminar-en

Source: https://mfxbroker.com/en/news/19062015-seminar-en
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