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Congratulatory speech of MFX Broker president

MFX Broker

One more year passed. It was not easy, but quite productive. And today MFX Broker celebrates its birthday, the eighth one in this millennium! Looking back I realize that these 8 years were years of constant overcoming hardships and hurdles, development, small and big victories, unique experience, and very prompt decisions!

We were never afraid of breaking stereotypes and offering our clients the newest and most daring decisions. Our development in the sphere of innovating solutions, trading instruments, organization of cooperation with clients are frequently unexpected and are usually conceived as challenge and revolution. But just in a year all of it becomes standard and sample, absolute requirement of clients to Forex companies. We are not afraid to looking forward, risking, and creating our history. Now, 8 years after, the company became a really strong team consisting of real fighters. Today international projects are realized in MFX Broker, and we are rightly proud of our work. This year we did not compromise our integrity and presented really great products!

So what was the 8th year of MFX Broker’s life like?
Of course, we could not avoid complications, disagreements, and hard decisions. But, despite all the hardships, this year proved that MFX Broker is capable of grand actions! And this is not just my opinion. We were twice acknowledged to be the best on the Forex Expo – 2013 exhibition, and got awards from IAFT Awards and Global Banking & Finance Review.

On its part the company offered new opportunities for our work to come up. So a lot of significant projects were started.

  • In autumn 2013 unique investment program "Asset management with MFX Group" appeared; hiring of managers of MFX Broker’s educational centers started all over the world; and big series of tournaments with total prize fund of $500 000 was launched.
  • In September, 2013 two internet projects appeared: “Diaries of novice trader” with Dj Alexey Romeo and "MFX Daily: Life within the company". We gladdened the clients with online-platform for binary options trading MFX Options and 8-Level partnership program.
  • January, 2014 was a month of changes. I realized that it was time to change the whole concept and guidelines. Idea of creating a project with qualitative social component for uniting traders all over the world into a big network appeared. We stayed up nights, thought up, drew, and made up new product. And finally, in September, 2014 beta version of MFX 2.0 - intellectual social system, uniting trading and communication – was performed. This is a completely new and interesting approach to trading. In the nearest future the company will announce start of the whole version of the site.

Today social trading is one of the most interesting and promising trends of financial markets industry. Just due to this trend we created a cross functional product with the help of which you will have opportunity not only to conduct successful trading, but also to communicate with each other, discuss trades and market news, share experience and adopt it just at one click. Usage of our social services will let you monetize your knowledge and get income due to knowledge of others.
In the nearest future the company will announce the start of the full version of the site.

Without looking about and loosing time in vain, every day we make little contributions to the development of high-technology services relevant for our clients.

Eight years ago we defined our objectives, and they are unchanged till now. The priorities of the company are still connected with offering of extraordinary and fully-featured service to our clients. Looking back I can say that a lot of was already done, but even more should be realized! As they speak, the more complicated the target is, the more interesting it is! And we realize it, being not tired of dilating in the eyes of our clients and competitors, surprising them with new and eve more qualitative services!

I congratulate our clients, friends, and partner who trust in us for already 8 years on new stage of our development! Continue to be our critics, rugged, honest and objective! This enables us to thinking of new exclusive stuff!

Dear friends, I remind that in the honor of our birthday we conduct a contest for the best congratulation. 8 authors of the most interesting works and congratulations will share prize fund of more than $3000. Author of the best congratulation will become the owner of the super prize from MFX Broker: the new iPhone 6!

Best regards, Igor Volkov,
President of international financial company MFX Broker

Source: https://masterforex.com/En/about-company/company_news/news-011014-president.html
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