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The Withdrawal Agreement Bill Is In Focus


The Brexit uncertainty continues. Today, the UK Parliament should vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, where Boris Johnson will try to make his agreement made with the EU last week – a law.

Yesterday, the spotlight fell on the Brexit developments again, as the Brexit saga continued. Boris Johnson sent his unsigned letter, requesting an extension for UK’s exit from the European Union. The reason that it was unsigned, is because, in general, the UK’s Prime Minister opposed the whole matter of requesting an extension, but was bound by the law to do so. As we know, the Parliament voted on Saturday to seek an extension from the EU, which made Mr Johnson very unhappy. There were a lot of speculation over will he eventually send the letter to the EU, or not. In addition to the unsigned letter, Boris Johnson sent another letter to the EU Council President Donald Tusk, where he expressed his concern over the possible Brexit deadline extension and its potential negative effect on the interests of both sides. Certainly, such a move did not go well with the UK’s opposition. Also, yesterday, the UK Parliament speaker, John Bercow, rejected the motion to debate and the vote on the Brexit deal again, as quote: “Today’s motion is in substance the same as the Saturday’s motion. Today’s circumstances are in substance the same as Saturday’s circumstances”. He explained it by saying that “…it would be repetitive and disorderly and disorderly to do so”.

The government critics are saying that Boris Johnson is not allowing enough time for everyone to examine the deal in more detail and that he is just trying to rush the deal through. The government released the withdrawal agreement details late on Monday, which should now be reviewed carefully by the MPs. Meanwhile, on the continent, some EU leaders are...

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