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S&P 500 in new all time highs


I pointed out in my previous S&P 500 analysis that the support at 1961 to 1974 area has been holding well which will add pressure to the resistance level at 2063 area. In an uptrend it is more likely that a resistance level will give in and the support levels hold. I also said that the key sectors such as energy (XLE), industrials (XLI) and basic materials (XLB) look technically sound in the weekly picture while utilities sector (XLU) lost 4,12% on Friday suggesting that the run for the safety is now over as the long only funds move money from safety oriented investments to higher beta (more riskier) stocks. There were some indications of short term weakness as well but they did not materialize. Instead the market broke above the 2062.50 resistance and has since then moved into new all-time highs.

Over the last month the riskier sectors such as Materials, Energy, Technology and Industrials have been outperforming S&P 500 and attracting money more than Utilities, Consumer Staples and Health Care that are viewed as safe havens for long only funds. The Financials have been neutral when compared to the S&P 500. The Financials sector performance could have been stronger but it has been slowed down by technical resistance at the weekly pivot candle. Other sectors at or near resistance are technology (close to a long term channel top), energy (at a historical resistance) and consumer staples (at the recent highs).

Further sector analysis reveals that over the last six trading days the money flows have once again favoured the Utilities and Health Care sectors over all the others with Energy and Financials lagging the most. All this put together indicates that we could see the S&P 500 slowing down over the next few trading days. However, in the longer term picture the trend and the risk appetite among the professional investors looks healthy.

S&P 500, W

S&P 500, Weekly

The weekly trend is healthy as the market has once again been able to push into new highs after making higher lows in this time frame. However, at the same time the index has been now trading close to upper Bollinger Bands with the Stochastics being in overbought territory. If this week’s close will happen at the current levels then we have a candle that signals demand drying up (upward momentum slowing down). This would not be surprise after market moving higher for over three weeks in a row. The previous resistance levels at 2062.50 and 2088.75 are now support levels. While almost everything else looks rather bullish Money Flow Index is diverging strongly (bearish divergence) suggesting that the current move into new highs was not as strong as the previous one in December.

S&P 500, D

S&P 500, Daily

The daily trend is contained in a relatively narrow channel while the Stochastics, RSI and MFI all are moving almost sideways in the overbought area. The market has not corrected lower for 10 trading days which suggests that an increase in volatility and a correction cannot be that far in the future. The potential support levels are the previous resistance levels: 2088.75 and 2062.50. The upper level coincides with the proximity of 23.6% Fibonacci level and the lower one with 38.2% level.

S&P 500, 4h

S&P 500, 240 min

The 4h trend is showing some signs of weakness. The moves from the supporting uptrend line are getting weaker as evidenced by the red line. In other words the market is wedging which indicates the potential for a correction has increased. The divergence in the Stochastics is in line with this view. The nearest 4h support levels are at 2099.50 and 2082.25.


The long term trend is healthy but in the medium term the volatility has been so low that we might see some increase and a correction to support levels. As evidenced by the sectors the market participants are not concerned about the safety aspect anymore and have been willing to take bets even in the riskier sectors. However, when turning attention to a shorter term picture it is worth mentioning that the sector analysis also reveals how over the last six trading days the money flows have been once again favouring the Utilities and Health Care sectors over all the other sectors, while Energy and Financials have lagged the most. All this put together indicates that we could see the S&P 500 slowing down and possibly correcting lower in the course of the next few trading days.

In the longer term picture the trend and the risk appetite among the professional investors looks healthy. Short term fluctuations aside this is a sign of a healthy market and moves to support levels should be used as buying opportunities. Index being close to the weekly Bollinger Bands and the 4h chart giving first indications of momentum slowing a correction to these levels should not be that far in the future. However, as usual we want to see the intraday price action confirming the validity of my analysis and suggested support levels.

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Janne Muta
Chief Market Analyst

Disclaimer: Nothing in this communication contains, or should be considered as containing, an investment advice or an investment recommendation or a solicitation for the purpose of purchase or sale of any financial instrument.

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