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Why a Successful Business Starts with Recruiting Right

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When you look at all the successful businesses, whether it’s tech, retail, food, or entertainment, you’d notice that all of these businesses have one major leverage – they thrive with or because of a team of high-performing people. How? By placing great importance on recruitment.

Yes, every day, the best companies in the world fight hard to maintain their status by recruiting the best talent. Recruitment has grown into a huge industry, with a projected valuation of USD$334 billion by 2025.

In this article, I’ll share three things you need to remember about recruitment, and how you can maximise these pointers for your business to meet its highest potential.

1. If You’re Not Recruiting, Someone Else Is

Recruitment is important, and that much should be obvious. I’ve said it numerous times on my blog, but a business is only as successful as its employees. You can’t make a burger without a chef, and you can’t build a tech startup without software engineers. Now, what if you could harness the capabilities or expertise of the industry’s best? You could well be pushing boundaries, executing bold ideas and taking your business further. Yes, a quality team makes that much of a difference.

This is why it’s of the utmost importance for you to get the best possible employees available on the market. This should happen before you even plan the execution of your business – you have to build around talent, not have talent build around you.

That said, know that if you aren’t the one bringing in the best talent, somebody else surely is. All companies recognise the value of talent, and the best ones will always be bringing in new blood and fresh ideas, whether or not they’re certain about the fit. The best way to beat the competition is by bringing it.

Nevertheless, it isn’t that easy to recruit the best employees, which brings me to my next point.

2. Give the Best to the Best

Nowadays, employees are more aware of their value. They’re able to acknowledge their talent and what they have to offer, and when they’re being taken for granted. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that offering a high salary and a long-term home simply doesn’t cut it for many people today.

What I’ve discovered over the years is that employees increasingly prioritise space for their personal and professional growth. This largely translates into being in a workplace where they feel they’re continually developing as a person.

This includes good compensation, yes, but it also involves fostering an environment where they don’t feel suffocated, are allowed to reach their potential, and feel recognised for their value. It’s the law of the times now that employees who don’t feel respected will simply leave, and this is something you don’t want as an employer.

Employees also need a sense of purpose. They need to be aligned with the company’s goals and vision, and these are things that you, as an employer, need to clearly lay out and help support your team in achieving.

So now, the question remains, what are the qualities of someone you need to recruit?

3. Recruit Those with Value

Quality doesn’t come from recruiting from the bottom of the barrel. While the needs of employees are important, you also have a business to maintain and standards to keep. This is why when you recruit, you always have to make sure you get people who are competent, creative, and charismatic (more on this soon!). Find people who know how to do their own work, how to do it well, and how to offer their value to others.

Look out for people who have the initiative to start things, the drive to keep going, and the fortitude to close them. You need to find people who inspire others and bring the best out of the entire workplace. And you need people who can offer fresh ideas that will keep your business innovating. Once you find someone who fits all these things, you’d have no doubt won the recruitment game.

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