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FBS & LCFC Join Forces to Emphasize Importance of Trading Education


The FBS international broker makes a joint project, Make Your Own Way, partnering up with Leicester City Football Club, the 2021 FA Cup winner. The project highlights a considered approach and the importance of learning in trading.

Going for better results

The Make Your Own Way project helmed by FBS and LCFC marks a new era of the ongoing partnership. Both parties will hold a number of joint activities introducing real-life stories of FBS traders and LCFC players. The stories will show how traders and footballers came to success, what barriers they had to overcome and what helped them along the way. During some activities, participants will have opportunities of getting commemorative gifts.

The project’s main idea is given in the video that draws the comparison between trading and football – while obviously coming from different areas of human activity; they have a lot more in common than one may notice from the start.

Both trading and football require a thoughtful approach, agile planning, developing strategies, and making informed decisions. In trading, a structured approach minimizes mistakes and risks of wasting money while increasing the possibility of success. Learning is the key to mastering these skills.

Sharing knowledge

Preparation, constant learning, and building strategies are the basic principles that FBS promotes through education. The broker provides its clients with teaching materials in various formats. Free courses on trading are available all over FBS platforms: the official website, social media, and apps.

FBS financial analysts explain trading terminology and teach about indicators, patterns, analyses, and more. The materials are divided into levels so everyone from beginner to advanced traders can catch up from their point of knowledge.

Plus, anyone can join FBS webinars, an excellent opportunity to learn more about trading, get insights and tips, or directly ask trading-related questions and have a live discussion.

FBS & LCFC partnership’s great goal

Make Your Own Way is not the first time FBS and LCFC have worked together. The two have a year-long history of raising important issues as a team. This time, they send a clear message of how important it is to make the right choices.

Everyone is the builder of their future, whether a trader or a football player. So who’s to decide which turn to take but people themselves? A video made within the project is an inspiration to take hold of one’s life. Thousands can see it live on the screens of the King Power Stadium, LCFC’s home stadium. _________________________________________________________

The FBS CFD-trading platform is the brainchild of investors from Western Europe interested in trading research and technical analysis. Founded 13 years ago, FBS had to provide global markets with transparent and trusted applications for professional and semi-professional CFD traders.

Today, FBS is an international brand present in over 150 countries. The brand unites several independent companies offering their clients opportunities to trade Margin FX and CFDs.

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