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China's CPI stabilizes at 2.3%



China's consumer price inflation stabilized at 2.3% and did not meet the economists' estimations for appreciation to 2.4%.

China's CPI stabilizes at 2.3% while its PPI rises to -3.4%

The Chinese producer price inflation climbed from -4.3% to -3.4% and was better than the economists' predictions for a rise to -3.8%.


The Swiss rate of unemployment stabilized at 3.5% and matched the analysts' predictions.


Germany's trade balance climbed from 20.0B to 23.6B and was considerably higher than the analysts' predictions for a rise to 20.5B.

The nation's industrial production dropped from -0.7% to -1.3%. The analysts estimated the rate to fall -0.2%.

United Kingdom

U.K's trade balance appreciated from -11.43B to -11.20B and differed slightly from the analysts' and the economists' forecasts for a rise to -11.30B.

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Source: https://www.argusfx.com/en/research-education/market-analysis/news/china-s-cpi-stabilizes-at-2.3
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