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Admiral Markets Announces the Release of MetaTrader 4 Supreme Edition Plug-in


Tallinn – International foreign exchange broker Admiral Markets has officially released an upgrade to the standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform in the form of a plug-in. The plug-in features many performance enhancing and quality of life attributes, which eliminate the need to navigate away from the terminal for extended information and services.

Features include one click trading via the mini terminal which saves traders time and effort, a multi currencies trading terminal, customised analytics feeds and social media updates, alerts for specified price targets and important events, a pip calculator, indicators for market sentiment, currency pair correlation data and a session map with a schedule for relevant upcoming announcements – all of which can be accessed directly through the MT4 platform. As such traders needn’t have to leave the terminal interface to obtain valuable market information and professional trading tools.

Admiral Markets’ officials expect this plug-in to enhance trading performance and simplify day to day tasks allowing traders to spend more time formulating trading strategies and planning their moves - rather than having to navigate through multiple time-consuming resources to achieve the same end result. The plug-in is beneficial to both experienced traders who would like relevant information and professional time-saving tools at their disposal and novice traders who require a user friendly interface that is easy to understand and navigate, as well as access to advanced trading material that they may otherwise be unaware of.

The standard MetaTrader 4 is the most popular foreign exchange trading platform in the world. Significant improvements incorporated through Admiral Markets’ Supreme Edition plug-in, distinguish it from the standard user-friendly platform through multiple performance-enhancing improvements while simultaneously and surprisingly making it more user-friendly in the process. The plug-in is available for download to both demo and live account holders from Admiral Markets’ website.

Further information on noteworthy features

The Correlation Matrix will prove invaluable for traders to plan their trades and minimise risk. For instance a trader may be losing trades over certain currency pairs and start feeling despondent – the pairs he is trading may be correlated, which can be determined and avoided by utilising this feature. This allows the trader to manage risk more effectively and plan trades more wisely. A trader would also be able to check the correlation between individual pairs, and create orders through the Correlation Trader.

The Mini Terminal is an advanced version of the standard MetaTrader 4 one click trading feature. Traders that practice ‘scalping’ may find this tool particularly beneficial as stop-loss and take-profit functionality has been included. Traders will also be able to save their preferred trading conditions as a template as well as undock the terminal window allowing the trader to safely minimise the platform and perform other tasks while still keeping an eye on price movements.

News trading can be accomplished efficiently with One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) orders through the Trade Terminal. For example, the Session Map indicates a high impact news event is about to take place but there is no general consensus on the effect it will have on the market. The trader then opens an OCO order which simultaneously creates pending buy and a sell orders a specified number of pips above and below the current price. Once the news is released and the market starts moving it will trigger either the buy or the sell order and cancel the other. Other notable features would include partially closing orders, meaning a trader can take profit in increments as the price moves in his favour - rather than risk the full trade in case of a rebound - and the ability to set stop losses in currency value rather than pip value.

Alerts can be set via the alarm tool which enables a trader to set triggers for multiple events concerning account criteria (margin, balance, profit, loss, etc.), news and sentiment, indicators, price movements, time and more. When an event is triggered an alarm will alert the trader on-screen or even via SMS, email or social media. This can be especially useful for traders who are not only looking to establish profitable trades, but to gain additional exposure of their names in the foreign exchange industry as well.

Traders can further justify whether to enter into a position or not based on the collective mind-set through the Sentiment Trader.

Features are by no means limited to what has been listed in this announcement and there are many more features available with the plug-in. For further reading and an in-depth write-up on all of the available features, see the Admiral Markets website.

About the Admiral Markets Group

With over 12,000 active clients and a total quarterly trading volume of over $45 billion, the Admiral Markets Group is a leading online international foreign exchange trading provider, as well as an emerging trading platform for precious metals, CFDs, stocks and fossil fuels. Since its inception in 2001, the Admiral Markets Group has continuously expanded its reach. In 2011 alone, the company experienced a growth of 70 per cent. Today the Admiral Markets Group offers its services throughout Europe, South America, and Australia through its regulated trading companies. The company employs a workforce of around 400 people globally. For more information please visit https://www.admiralmarkets.com.


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