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XM Affiliate Program Review: Should you be their Agent?

Since 2009, XM, has been a trusted and reliable foreign exchange (FX) broker for clients in every corner of the globe.

Because of their exceptional services, it is an undeniable truth that they have made a great name for themselves in the financial services industry.

This reputation surely precedes them, since as an online broker, they offer a wide variety of financial instruments, such as currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks.

XM Affiliate Program Introduction

The XM Partner program aims to give people and businesses a chance to work with a well-established broker as partners and make commissions by referring clients. As an affiliate, you can use XM's strong reputation and wide range of services to bring in new customers and get rewarded for your work.

As a partner, you can profit by referring clients to XM who start trading its many different instruments, while also easily keeping track of your earnings and success with XM’s advanced tools, their marketing materials which come in more than one language, and through their promoter landing page.

The XM Partner Program gives you fair commissions, regular promotions, and more benefits as your business grows, thus actively letting you make as much revenue as possible and get cash rewards.

Consequently, in this review, we'll get into the details of the XM Partner Program, looking at its Partner Payments, New Features, and Partner rewards program that make it a good choice for affiliates.

XM Affiliate Program Features

Since 2009, XM has been improving and adding to their services to meet the needs of its affiliates, with one example being their recent change of their promoter landing page to make it better for users.

The XM Partner Program still offers everything that people have historically liked, including keeping client funds safe, paying on time, providing real-time reports, and offering various advertising materials, ultimately ensuring your happiness, considering your familiarity with the program.

New Features

To stay ahead of the competition, XM has added several new features and services to their package. One big change is that suggested clients can now earn $25 per lot in commissions, and there are no limits on how much they can earn per client or per month. In addition to that, XM has stepped up its game, paying an attractive 10% fee for any sub-partners you bring them.

Also, XM has met a long-awaited need by adding a new feature that makes it easy to move money between partner accounts and client accounts, giving sponsors and the people they refer to more freedom and ease of use.

Partner Payments

The way the XM Affiliate Program pays out depends on the country where the clients you send them are located. For instance, cost per acquisition (CPA) is the way that clients in the EU, UK, and Australia are charged, meaning that affiliates get a one-time payment of up to $650 for each client they bring in.

On the other hand, customers who live outside of the EU, UK, and Australia can use a lot of rebate plans. Under this plan, partners can earn up to $25 per lot, depending on how their referred clients trade and what instruments are being traded.

In summary, these flexible payment models make sure that partners can earn good commissions based on the location of their clients and what kinds of trading activities they do.

XM Partner Program

If you are highly motivated and want to make an income through online trading, XM is here for you. As a broker who is committed to building long-lasting business relationships with its promoters, whether you are a driven person or a company, XM gives you a lot of chances and tools to help you make as much earnings as possible in the trading business.

At XM, they take for granted that each affiliate has different goals and ways of making money, and with that in mind, their dedicated and skilful team is guaranteed to make a partnership option that fits your business perfectly. Rest assured, that they are ready to work together with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs and goals, utilizing their trading platform and other resources.

By becoming a partner with XM, you get access to a network of people who can help you, including an account manager, and a full set of tools that can help you make more money. At the end of the day, XM most of all values long-term relationships and is committed to giving you the help you need to be successful in online trading.

XM Partner Rewards Program (PRP)

The XM Partner Rewards Program (PRP) works in combination with the XM Partner Program, giving affiliates more ways to increase their earnings. By bringing in clients who trade, partners can earn points through the PRP, and then trade them for cash prizes or other enticing benefits.

One of the best things about the PRP is that as partner milestones are met, the value of points goes up. Specifically, as partners reach important goals and earn more points, the value of these points, when they are cashed, goes up by a lot.

The benefits of XM partner rewards program (PRP) are the following:

  • Earn more for referrals and client trading activity

  • Claim unlimited cash rewards

  • Regular promotions that multiply generated points

  • Higher commission on select instruments


Overall, by joining the XM Partner Program, you become a key part of the broker’s growth plan. You also get access to a variety of tools, resources, and support, to help you improve your trading. Whether you have been trading for a long time or are just getting started with affiliate programs, the XM Partner Program gives you a flexible and rewarding way to make income through your network and online profile.

“The products, services and features advertised here vary between the XM entities. For further information, please visit the XM website.”

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